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Fat birthday party? My ass! Kylie Jenner organizes shallow group painting session>entertainment>

11. August 2021 – 12:08 Clock

No alcohol, but canvas and paint

The older you get, the less priority is given to sprawling birthday parties with alcohol excesses and bum-bum bass. Kylie Jenner is apparently also going through this development. On August 10, the wealthy entrepreneur celebrated her 24th day of honor, but instead of an XXL party that is second to none, she decided – as last year – for a shallow surprise for her guests.

Kylie is not afraid to get her fingers dirty

Is Kylie Jenner just not used to having wild parties anymore because of the long corona pandemic? Maybe it’s also because as the mom of little Stormi, she just wanted to treat herself to a bit of relaxation from everyday stress – especially on her special day. In any case, the newly minted 24-year-old did not spend the start of her new year on the glass, but on the screen. And not alone. For her group-style painting session, she invited a whole host of friends, as pictures on her Instagram channel prove. Easel next to easel is set up on a table covered with foil, next to each a small plate with color biscuits.

By the way, Kylie enlisted the help of artist Timree Gold for her very personal painting course. The American is known for her regular “Paint Club” online courses, which she launched some time ago. And by the way, Timree also organizes painting parties in persona. Cost in Los Angeles: 2,000 dollars for up to ten guests – work materials included. A real bargain for the birthday boy, considering that he has almost a billion in the account.

Kylie Jenner's group-style birthday painting session

Kylie Jenner’s birthday painting session in group style – the results are impressive.

© Instagram, kyliejenner

The results? True works of art

And the results of the session – compared to the original that Timree once posted on her page – are truly impressive. The motif of their course, an Italian beach landscape, has been implemented by all guests in great detail. Maybe Kylie has now licked blood and puts her new year of life under the motto: Art.

In any case, niece North West should be more than enthusiastic about it, after all, she has already proven in the past how talented she is on the brush. (cch)

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