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Woman in the Hann. Münden: Cheated of money with Bitcoin promises – police warn against scam

Bitcoins: Fraudsters take advantage of the opportunity to make quick money. A woman from the Hann area. Münden thus lost 20,000 euros.

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Lured with the promise of wealth through bitcoins. A woman from the Hann area. Münden lost 20,000 euros to fraudsters. The police warned of the scam.

Altkreis Münden – Internet fraudsters have a pensioner from the Hann. Münden cheated out of 20,000 euros. The perpetrators used a scam that plays with the expectation of profit from the Internet currency Bitcoins. They promised that they would invest money in this digital currency.

Well organized gangs take advantage of the Bitcoin hype

“The gangs are well organized. It is very difficult for those affected to get back on the lost money, ”reports Chief Superintendent Uwe Weiß, who was responsible for the case for the Hann. Münden machined. She fell for an advertisement on the Internet, the woman told our newspaper. This website promised that professional “brokers” invest money in bitcoins for the user. To make everything more believable, a well-known television series was advertised. In addition, on the side of the fraudsters, you can read a lot of success reports on how “normal people” allegedly got rich by investing in cyber currency. The user only has to click on a link and then log in there.

“That looked so serious,” said the injured party. There are tons of such sites on the Internet. The woman had to register on the site and deposit a sum of money. It was initially about 250 euros. “It wasn’t enough, I should keep paying in more,” reported the woman.

Processed victims for days

The amounts have become higher and higher. The scammers told her over the phone about high profits and the prospects of making even more money were not bad. “Calls like this can take hours,” says Weiß. The perpetrators would “work on” their victims over a long period of time, with e-mails and phone calls. The woman also confirmed this. The pensioner said that when the perpetrators asked, she also installed programs that allowed access to her laptop.

That is typical, says Weiß. In this way, the fraudsters could use the device and do whatever they want, and also spy out passwords. Weiß also reported that the woman had been persuaded until she held her ID in the webcam.

The perpetrators then opened accounts in the background. In addition, the fraudsters spied out the passwords for the woman’s online banking, so they could withdraw money. In this case, said Weiß, several transactions totaling 20,000 euros were made.

Four cases since January 2020 in the Hann. Münden

In the Hann. Münden, police officer Uwe Weiß worked on four cases in the past six months in which people were cheated with false profit and investment promises. The perpetrators are very good at confusing their victims and weaving them into a web of lies, the expert reports. The whole thing is comparable to the “grandchild’s trick”. Anyone who has been the victim of such fraud should contact the police immediately. (Jens Döll)

Digital currency

Bitcoin is the world’s oldest and best-known digital currency. It is also known as cryptocurrency because the records of money movements and account balances that are stored on the computers of the Bitcoin community are complex encrypted. The Bitcoin rate fluctuates extremely. Bitcoin trading is not regulated by the state. For a long time, bitcoins were particularly popular with criminals who took advantage of the Internet. It is now possible to pay with it in more and more places on the Internet. There are no intermediaries such as banks. (nis / gda)

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