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Trailer for “Proxima – The Astronaut” with Eva Green – Clips & Trailer

Director Alice Winocour (“Disorder”) tells a story about an astronaut who can only fulfill her professional dream if she separates from her daughter.

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The young astronaut Sarah (Eva Green) has set herself a high goal: she wants to be the first woman to explore Mars. When she is selected for the one-year Proxima space mission, an intensive preparation for the departure into space and the farewell to Earth begins. Together with her crew members, Sarah prepares for functioning in the cosmos in the ESA training programme. She goes to her physical and psychological limits and learns to maintain control in every situation. Everything in her is conditioned to the moment when she leaves the earth. Only one thing she can’t train: saying goodbye to her little daughter Stella. Sarah’s last days before her flight into space are marked by the struggle to force the incompatible together: her responsibility for the human being who means everything to her and the unconditional dedication to her profession. Sarah doesn’t want to say goodbye to Stella without making her understand how great and necessary the task she has dedicated herself to is. In the end, she risks everything to show Stella how much she loves her and that this love will always exist even in such an incomprehensible place as space.

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