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Divorce after only one year?

In October 2019, actress Jennifer Lawrence, 30, said “yes” – and now deeply regrets it…

Relationship end with Jennifer Lawrence?

Until death do you part – or in the case of Jennifer Lawrence, even sooner. The 30-year-old is supposed to be the Fed up with husband Cooke Maroney. And that’s just one year after the big wedding party in Rhode Island.

The reason: Life with the art collector is just too boring for her. No wonder, after all, Jennifer was considered for years probably the biggest party animal in Hollywood. No drink was safe from her, no event left her before midnight – let alone sober. All that is now over.

Instead of champagne, the Oscar winner now sips herbal tea, instead of party dress shopping at the designer’s shop, online shopping is now on the program. Gone are the Sundays when Jennifer hungover with pizza on the couch. Now their weekend consists of market shopping and sports.

Jen feels locked up and can no longer be herself. Her lifestyle and that of Cooke couldn’t be more different. She’s a Hollywood star, he doesn’t like glamour. That’s too boring for Jen

knows a confidant of the “Hunger Games” star.

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He shows no understanding

But Jennifer doesn’t just push party panic, their friendships are also on hold. While she used to constantly move around the houses with Margot Robbie and Adele, she hasn’t seen them in months. Apart from the corona pandemic, her gallerist husband is of course to blame:

Life with Cooke forces her to do so, so to speak. It was more important to her to adapt to his intellectual circles and to get along with the people around him. But that’s over now!

it says from the environment of the actress. But Cooke probably doesn’t like the fact that his wife wants to break out of their lives together. The 34-year-old supposedly shows absolutely no understanding for the love of freedom and celebration anger of his wife.

It is possible that this will soon be his undoing. Because Jennifer isn’t exactly known for torching for long when she’s put something in her head: “She gets what she wants. And if it’s the divorce papers.

Text: Julia Liebing

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