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Amanda Seyfried turned down “Guardians” role for fear of a flop

Amanda Seyfried Guardians of the Galaxy

Left: Amanda Seyfried in Fathers & Daughters – A Whole Life © 2015 Vertical Entertainment
Right: Zoe Saldana in Guardians of the Galaxy © 2014 Walt Disney Pictures

Source: The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter

Sometimes you get the feeling that half of Hollywood has now been involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But there are also some well-known actors who have slipped past an MCU role, or, as in the case of Emily Blunt, even two roles. She was only the part of the Black Widow in Iron Man 2 She later declined the role of Captain America’s girlfriend Peggy Carter, who was then played by Hayley Atwell. In both cases, scheduling difficulties were the reason for Blunt’s cancellation. Other actors who could not or did not want to accept MCU roles included Joaquin Phoenix, Jason Momoa, Jessica Chastain and Amanda Seyfried.

Mamma-Mia!Star Seyfried revealed last year that she had turned down a lead role in a Marvel blockbuster because she didn’t feel like having green makeup applied to her for months of several hours a day. Even though she never mentioned the film, it was obvious that it was Guardians of the Galaxy and the role of the green-skinned Gamora, which has been played by Zoe Saldana since 2014. In a podcast on the occasion of the David Fincher film Mank, for whom Seyfried is in talks for an Oscar, the actress revealed that the mask was not the main reason for her cancellation, but rather the fear that the film would flop and that in turn would cast a bad light on her and her career:

I didn’t want to be part of the first Marvel movie to flop. I said, “Who wants to see a movie about a talking tree and a raccoon?” And obviously I was very wrong. The script was great, the decision was based on not wanting to be “the one person”. If you’re the star of a huge movie that flops, Hollywood won’t forgive you. I saw how this happened to other people, and I was very afraid of that. I thought, is it worth it?

To some, it may sound crazy in retrospect, considering that Guardians of the Galaxy is clearly one of the most popular Marvel movies ever. But if you think back to the time before he appeared, he was actually a big risk. The Guardians of the Galaxy were completely unknown in the mainstream, Chris Pratt was only known as a comedy actor from “Parks and Recreation”, James Gunn has never directed a major movie before, and yes, two of the main characters were a monosyllabic tree and a gun-mad raccoon! That could have really backfired. Instead, Marvel’s courage to take risks once again paid off and an extremely popular franchise was born, which will soon get a third movie. However, Seyfried’s concern was understandable at the time of her rejection.

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