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Kylie Jenner Reveals What She Eats in a Day

Kylie Jenner films her daily ration of food

How does an almost billionaire actually eat? In our imagination, caviar, truffles, and gilded schnitzel or fish are regularly served by the rich and beautiful. In reality, it looks a bit different – for example, with reality TV starlet and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner. For her fans, the 23-year-old filmed her meals for a day – and they seem almost yawning boring.

One can assume that Kylie Jenner does not swing the wooden spoon herself, but pushes the sizzling at the stove and serving of treats – along with all her other to-dos – to employees. When the young mom of little Stormi has now presented on her TikTok channel what comes to her plate in one day, her fans reacted almost a bit insulted. The food not only looks totally normal and almost unluxurious, the portions are also ironically kept small.

That’s what Kylie brings to the table in one day

Kylie begins her clip with the breakfast meal. After the early workout, she allegedly consumes plenty of protein. In addition to a large matcha latte, a small bowl filled with natural yogurt, muesli and berries awaits the self-made millionaire. Even the most important meal of the day is relatively narrow.

No wonder Kylie grabs her first snack before noon. No, not nuts or crackers – according to the video, fresh coconut with a straw is ready for them. Our stomach growls as we watch.

How good that the time until lunch passes quickly. But the disillusionment quickly follows, because only a moderate portion of salad is waiting for Kylie. Lovingly served, ingredients such as iceberg lettuce, red cabbage, leeks, almond splinters and coriander were combined. And the dessert is also unspectacular. Instead of cake or pudding, there are a handful of grapes. You have to stay true to the line.

Kylie Jenner eats these dishes until lunch
Kylie Jenner eats these dishes until lunch © TikTok, kyliejenner

By the way, so that Kylie does not become dehydrated, according to the video, a drink dispenser with lemon water is available throughout the day. This should not only refresh, but also stimulate the metabolism. And for perfect mineral content, Kylie drips a few drops of black liquid into her glass. These are so-called blk. drops, which consist of fulvic acid and quickly supply the body with trace elements and electrolytes. A real celebrity insider tip, which will probably soon spill over to Germany after this video.

Until dinner, here consisting of a mini portion of pasta, four stems of asparagus and a salad side dish of cucumber and rocket, Kylie apparently refrains from further snacks. “I could never have so much control over my pasta portions,” one user writes in amazement in the comments. Where he is right….

And if you no longer believed that Kylie also takes carbs, you will be surprised at the end of the eating diary. Shortly before going to bed, the Starlett treats itself to freshly baked cookies with chocolate pieces. And daughter Stormi is certainly happy about this little sweet bite.

That's on the table in the afternoon and evening at Kylie Jenner's
That’s on the table in the afternoon and evening at Kylie Jenner’s © TikTok, kyliejenner

Your fans shake their heads

The summary of her daily food rations is almost incomprehensible to Kylie’s fans. “I’ll be eating all this in an hour,” the clip reads, while other users inquire: “Are you getting tired of it? Respect!” Other fans dismiss the video as a “rich people thing” and summarize: “If I were a millionaire and had my own chef, I would treat myself to something like that.” A user also says what many might think after the sight: “You just lead the perfect life!” (cch)


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