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The Suicide Squad is no better than the first part – and Marvel is to blame for it

Warning, spoilers for The Suicide Squad follow: The first Suicide Squad film adaptation in 2016 was a disaster. This was mainly due to the fact that the vision of director David Ayer clashed with the specifications of the studio. In the end, a completely cut film was brought into the cinemas, the more of a trailer mishmash as a coherent overall work was.

The joy was great when it was announced that Marvel director James Gunn would be directing a new Suicide Squad movie. The filmmaker has two Guardians of the Galaxy parts so far the ideal mix of crankiness and heart created, while his past in the politically incorrect Troma forge fits perfectly with the coarse tone of the Suicide Squad troop.

All the greater was my disappointment that the clash of these two worlds (Marvel and DC) ultimately resulted in The Suicide Squad becoming one extremely mixed, indecisive blockbuster which hardly compensates for the first part.

The Suicide Squad can’t choose between harshness and warmth

The new DC film by James Gunn begins with a bang when the first antihero troop on a suicide mission on the beach brutally slaughtered in the first 15 minutes will.

Watch a German trailer for The Suicide Squad here:

The Suicide Squad – Trailer (German) HD


With that, The Suicide Squad has reached an early cynical climax that the rest of the DC film can barely match. The many torn bodies, bursting heads and other splatter deposits increasingly fizzle out in exaggerated comic splatter. In doing so, the dark heart of the Suicide Squad comics is in favor of sympathetic antihero: inside instead of unpredictable, disturbing psychos sacrificed.

Rather, Gunn relies on the Marvel formula of his Guardians of the Galaxy films and again misses the characters here as much as possible emotional backstories and many personable character traits.

Bloodsport (Idris Elba) gets a father-daughter story. And with Cleo Cazo aka Ratcatcher 2 (Daniela Melchior) he almost has a kind of foster daughter on the team, while both want to take care of each other. Even the Polka Dot-Man (David Dastmalchian) that James Gunn called dumbest DC character ever called, becomes a lovable, eccentric outsider.

Check out our spoiler video for The Suicide Squad here:

The Suicide Squad: Who Dies? Who lives? | Spoiler talk


Through the endeavored warmheartedness towards the characters The Suicide Squad feels at least after the obligatory scene in which everyone is hanging out together in the bar, as if we were watching good, somewhat wacky friends on a boisterous trip. Little remains of the disturbing abysses and moral depravity of the DC template.

James Gunn is too guided by his Marvel template

For example, the section where the team accidentally grinds down an entire camp of peacefully minded rebels is still one of those cynical bright spotsthat are otherwise missing in the DC film.

Instead, James Gunn relies on the recipe for success in his Guardians of the Galaxy films, in which “Difficult” outsiders are welded as sympathetically as possible into a more or less well-functioning team. Most obviously there is King Shark, the Gunn with the voice of Sylvester Stallone like a new groot want to make an instant cult figure.

King Shark in The Suicide Squad

Overall, The Suicide Squad feels very much like a new Marvel movie. Only that it’s from DC and Swap mass suitability for an ultra-brutal R-rating, in which the exaggerated depiction of violence quickly loses its effect. In the end, the exciting choice of director has become the blockbuster’s biggest problem.

Well, maybe one day the Ayer cut from Suicide Squad will come after all.

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