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Britney Spears: Was she admitted to psychiatry by her father in 2019? – People

Did he want to silence her?

New revelations in the years-long trial of Britney Spears (39). The singer wants to have her father Jamie Spears (68) dismissed as a guardian. In August, the court could finally make a decision.

But first, there are new serious allegations against Jamie: He is said to have admitted his own daughter to a psychiatric institution in 2019, after the beginning of the legal dispute. This is claimed by Jodi Montgomery, who was appointed by the court in 2019 as a supervisor for the singer. She is said to oversee Britney’s “life choices” while Jamie manages the finances.

But from the beginning.

Britney rose to megastar at the end of the 90s, but she is said to have never been allowed to act self-determined, but always a puppet of her father

Britney rose to mega-star in the late 1990s. Behind the scenes, things are said to have been gloomy: Britney is said to have never been allowed to act self-determined, but always a puppet of her fatherPhoto: picture alliance / PIXSELL

Jamie Spears wants to keep guardianship over Britney

According to TMZ, Montgomery’s allegations are in response to a statement by Jamie Spears filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday (Aug. 6) in which the 64-year-old is defending himself. He, Jamie, had managed his daughter’s estate “dutifully and faithfully”. There is no reason to withdraw him as guardian. But that’s not all.

The pop star’s father claims Montgomery contacted him excitedly and worriedly on July 9 of this year, saying Britney didn’t want to take her medication.

“Ms. Montgomery felt that Ms. Spears was in danger of losing control,” Jamie claims in the statement. Montgomery is therefore said to have proposed the code 5150. Under California law, this allows a person to be placed in a psychiatric hospital against their will if they pose a danger.

In other words, Britney could have been instructed against her will. An option that her father Jamie did not want to take – he claims.

Caregiver fights back against Britney’s father

Montgomery defended himself against this claim, hitting back on the same day of Jamie’s statement. It denies that it proposed Code 5150. “Ms. Montgomery has never told Mr. Spears that Ms. Spears (…) would be eligible for such a stay,” a spokesperson told ET Online in a written statement.

His client is “sad” that her phone call to Jamie “is now misrepresented and manipulated” in order to “gain a tactical advantage” in the guardianship dispute.

Montgomery also said that continuing Jamie’s guardianship would have “serious implications for Ms. Spears’ mental health.” It is “in the best interest of Ms. Spears that her father resign as her conservator so that he can again only be the father of Ms. Spears and work on a healthy, supportive father-daughter relationship.”

Who brought the pop star to psychiatry in 2019?

Also featured in the statements of Jamie Spears and Jodi Montgomery: A stay of Britney in a psychiatric hospital in March 2019. This was ordered by Montgomery and Britney’s lawyer at the time, Sam Ingham, Jamie claims in his current statement of August 6.

The supervisor now vehemently denies this. According to ET Online, the spokesman admitted that Montgomery had “possibly filled out routine papers for the facility”. But he made it clear to the New York Post:

“Ms. Montgomery acted exclusively under the control and instructions of Jamie Spears. As a caregiver, she had no power or authority to assign Britney Spears to an institution. Only Jamie Spears was able to do that in March 2019.”

In fact, the decision to place Britney Spears in a facility was made by Dr. Timothy Benson, Britney’s treating psychiatrist at the time. The spokesperson: “In addition, Ms. Spears agreed to her placement at the facility in March 2019.”

The singer’s father rejected this in advance, arguing in his current statement on August 6 that he had no decision-making power to have Britney instructed in early 2019. And: He himself was seriously ill at that time.

It says thus statement against statement. But: In addition to Britney’sself, her mother also supports the version according to which Jamie is responsible for the admission.

This is what the singer herself says

The “Baby One More Time” singer told the court in June that she had been admitted against her will. In documents obtained by TMZ, Mama Lynne Spears (66) claims: Jamie has “absolute control” over Britney’s finances AND her health.

Britney 2000 with her mother Lynne

Britney 2000 with her mother LynnePhoto: Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

According to Lynne, a Doctor hired by Jamie forced Britney to go to the clinic. This statement seems to support Montgomery’s in part. According to Lynne, the doctor also prescribed Britney “inappropriate medication” that she did not want to take.

Britney's new lawyer Mathew Rosengart has represented Ben Affleck, Steven Spielberg and Sean Penn

Britney’s new lawyer Mathew Rosengart has represented Ben Affleck, Steven Spielberg and Sean PennPhoto: Chris Pizzello/AP

Free Britney

Events that the mega-star does not want to experience again. With her new lawyer, star lawyer Mathew Rosengart, Britney Spears wants to immediately regain her freedom – and appoint a new guardian in Jason Rubin. Rosengart: “Every day that passes is another day of avoidable pain and influencing Ms. Spears and her property.”

Rubin also masters auditing, which is why he examines all financial documents of recent years. Jamie is suspected of embezzling Britney’s earnings.

The goal of Rosengart and Britney: an early decision of the court in the matter of guardianship as early as August 23.

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