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Too expensive? Emily Blunt doubts “Edge of Tomorrow 2”

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Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow (2014) © Warner Bros. Pictures

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, The Howard Stern Show

There have really been a lot of good time loop films from different genres in recent years – whether Source Code, Happy Deathday or Palm Springs. A very special highlight among them was the sci-fi blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, which was released in cinemas in 2014. The film really had it all: good actors, a clever story, a lot of humor, spectacular action and great effects. In a sea of remakes, sequels and comic book adaptations, he was like a breath of fresh breath.

Not long after it came out, the first talks began about a sequel, which would again be directed by original director Doug Liman with Cruise and Blunt in the lead roles. Once stood Edge of Tomorrow 2, which has the working title Live The Repeat and Repeat And according to Liman, it was supposed to be a sequel and a prequel at the same time, just before the start of filming, but Blunt was due to her commitment to Disney’s Mary Poppins’ Return unfortunately prevented. Since then, the film has been mentioned again and again by everyone involved, but it does not seem to make any visible progress. In a new interview with Howard Stern, Blunt has now even expressed doubts that the film will ever come. The problem seems to be the necessary large budget:

Honestly, I think the movie is probably too expensive. Yes, I just don’t know how we would do it. I think it’s hard to coordinate our schedules. I would love to do it. Doug Liman would love to do it. Tom would love it. We would all like to do it. But I think until we really realize what’s happening in the industry – honestly, I think we have to be clear about what the plan is for it, what kind of movies people want to make.

High production costs were actually already a problem with the first film. While it grossed a solid $371 million worldwide, it cost $178 million without any additional marketing expenses. This means that the film could not even cover its costs in the cinemas (since less than 50% of worldwide revenues go to the studio) and only paid off in the home cinema, where he found many fans. I suspect that Warner would only be willing to give the sequel the green light if they could reduce spending this time.

Meanwhile, Blunt raves about the great script for the film, which was last revised by Matthew Robinson, after Joe Shrapnel, Anna Waterhouse and Jez Butterworth, co-writer of the first film, have already tried their hand at it:

There’s a great script, but I don’t know what the future holds for the film. I read a script that was in really good shape, but the question is whether this film can still come about. I don’t have a direct answer to that.

Back in December, Blunt spoke of a really great idea for the sequel:

Yes, it’s really promising and really, really cool. I just don’t know when it all comes together if you know what I mean. With our busy schedules, it has to be the right time. But if something is in the works, sure, that’s a great idea. A really great idea.

Would you still be interested in Edge of Tomorrow 2?

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