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Netflix is ​​partially introducing mandatory vaccinations for its film productions

Netflix is ​​the first major Hollywood film studio to make vaccination compulsory for all actors involved in its film productions in the USA. The vaccination requirement applies to the entire “A” zone and thus includes not only the actors but also the members of the production team who are in contact with them, such as make-up artists. A similar regulation should also apply to productions in Great Britain – it is not yet clear whether it will also be introduced for Netflix productions in other countries.

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Netflix was encouraged to take this step after the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, representing the producers, recently agreed on new health standards with the major Hollywood unions. These allow companies to introduce compulsory vaccinations for important actors and crew members for individual film productions. Exceptions are allowed for religious, medical or age reasons.

The reason for the new regulation is the rising COVID19 cases in many countries due to the aggressive new Delta variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Netflix probably wants to use the new regulation to minimize production interruptions due to COVID19 cases and the associated quarantine.

Well-known actor Sean Penn wants to go even further and is calling for the new policy to be extended to all members of the production, not just those classified as “Zone A”. He even threatened not to return to the production of the NBC Universal series Gaslit until all actors and employees had received a COVID19 vaccination.



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