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Anna Kendrick on soul mate

However, she sees things differently in friendly relations. Because their “best and longest” relationships are friendships. In an interview for the June issue of emmy magazine, the 34-year-old said: “I certainly don’t believe in soulmates in the traditional sense. This word is, so to speak, a synonym for ‘the One’. There are many ‘the ones’, and if we are lucky, we spend a long time with someone. I wonder if there are friendly soulmates. I mean, I would say that there’s evidence that it’s more likely that a soulmate is non-romantic. The best and longest relationships in my life are certainly friendships.”

The actress plays the role of Darby Carter in the new HBO series ‘Love Life’, which is about the idea of having a small number of “meaningful relationships” in life. “‘Love Life’ is about a woman, my character, Darby Carter, who we’ve been following for maybe 10 years. There’s this idea that we have a certain number of ‘meaningful relationships’ in our lives that have an impact on us, and it’s really about exploring how we change,” Anna says.

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