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The greatest Marvel twist is right under our noses

In the Marvel series Loki, the god of practical jokes opened the door wide to the multiverse that presents many exciting opportunities for the future of the MCU. Marvel may already have told us how the story of the Multiverse will end.

The Loki finale at Disney + comes up with another monumental insight that lets us see the entire MCU with different eyes. Is everything we’ve seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far just part of a never-ending time warp – including a multiversal war?

Big insight from Loki at Disney +: The MCU is a time warp

If you look closely, you will see in the 6th episode of Loki that the true timeline, which depicts the events of the MCU films and now also series, even no ray with a start and end point is, but a circle. In the middle of this circle sits the one who remains in his citadel outside of time.

The MCU is a time warp

From this it can be concluded that the MCU is in a Time warp of creation and destruction stuck. Although this interpretation is not directly addressed, it is indicated several times.

These hints for an MCU time loop are available in Loki:

  • He who stays knows all possible courses of time.
  • As he tells his story, the True Timeline appears as a circle.
  • He speaks of reincarnation. He himself is part of the time warp.
  • He sends Ravonna on a secret mission. Possibly to ensure its development in the past.

The one who remains (Jonathan Majors) is said to be the only being in the universe who has free will. However, he too is a tragic victim of the times. Doomed to pave a prescribed path over and over again. Because if he does not do this, devastating chaos threatens. If the clues in Loki apply, then this is entire existence of the MCU and the time loop bound to him.

The Marvel Time Warp: Kang is the beginning and the end

The one who stays aka Nathaniel Richards aka Kang the Conqueror is that Mastermind of all Marvel events, like Loki director Kate Harron in an interview with The direct recently confirmed. He has influenced all events over time with the help of the Time Variance Authority in such a way that the True Timeline is the only sequence of events.

More on the big Marvel reveal in Loki:

HE is behind everything and the multiverse starts | Loki episode 6 recap


In this way he prevents the natural and chaotic development of time, which at the same time would call his power-hungry variants on the scene or did this a long time ago. To ensure this control over the passage of time, however, he would have to create a time loop. It is the beginning and the end.

At first glance, this time loop recognition seems redundant. The one who stays is dead and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) or his variant Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) has ensured that the true timeline escalates into a multiverse. Or is it just the chaos of the streams of time an inevitable part of this possible time warp?

Fans of the ultimate time loop series Dark know how several realities can be connected and mutually dependent (subject of quantum entanglement). To quote the Netflix hit: the The beginning is the end and the end is the beginning. And we could have seen the end of the multiverse by now.

Multi-sided war: do we already know the end of the Marvel story?

In the Marvel series Loki, we learn that The One Who Remains tried to prevent another multiversal war. This threatened to extinguish all existence “a long time ago”. Now the passage of time has been returned to its natural, chaotic and multiversal state and another war between realities is inevitable.

Kang the Conqueror

But what if there is only one mutliversal war? The very war that Nathaniel Richards once ended is now starting all over again and the most epic of all time warps is triggered again.

We actually know the end of the multiversal war (if there is only one): The one who remains defeats his variants with the help of Alioth and truncates all alternative realitiesuntil there is only one left. Result: The MCU starts over and works as we have seen it so far. This non-linear narrative fits perfectly with an epic time travel multiverse story.

After the Infinity Saga: What’s the next endgame in the MCU?

No character will influence the coming phases of the MCU as strongly as Nathaniel Richards, who with his countless variants can appear as Marvel villain and hero. But what is the endgame of this new one Marvel era of time travel and multiverses?

All upcoming Marvel projects in phase 4 and phase 5

Loki, Ant-Man 3 Wandavision & Hawkeye – All upcoming Marvel projects for phase 4 and 5


It has been suggested for some time that Secret Wars could become the next ultimate MCU event. the epic clash of the multiverse doesn’t sound so improbable after the events in Loki.

The only question is whether the one who remains can end this multiversal war again and close the eternal MCU cycle indicated in Loki or all existence subjected to a complete reboot becomes – as it happens in the Marvel Comics. Then there would only be two options: the time loop is broken or the MCU is doomed forever.

Podcast for Marvel Fans: Is Loki the Best MCU Series?

The new Marvel series Loki at Disney + changes the superhero universe like none before. Because Loki sets the course for an important new villain and the discovery of the multiverse in the MCU.

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What do you think of the time loop theory? Do you think the MCU will really get that complex?



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