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New in the cinema: “Kaiserschmarrndrama” – Schmarrn or cult? Both! – Movie theater

There is a cinema phenomenon that divides and divides Germany’s crime thriller fans. The Bavarian anarcho-rock crime comedies by the village policeman Eberhofer!

Weird, bizarre, drunk, cozy, sensual, fun-loving, deeply relaxed. A thriller cosmos of the normal originals, friendship, the longing for love, roast pork, beer and murder – invented and modeled by cult author Rita Falk (there are ten bestsellers). It started with “Dampfnudelblues” (2013): 550,000 cinema fans. The highlight: “Leberkäsjunkie” with 1.2 million fans!

Story: Actually, it doesn’t matter! The village’s online sex girl is slain while jogging! Poles are building a new house. The favorite dog Ludwig threatens to die (drug: Hasch-Fleischpflanzl). The friend is in a wheelchair. There are also beer rockers. It’s the normal chaos with the wonderfully normal hero who lives in the pigsty, loves beer, AC / DC, his Sudi, his grandma, his dog and his life – with wonderful problems.

Oops, what is that?

Oops, what is that?Photo: Constantin Film Verleih GmbH / Bernd Schuller

The secret of the phenomenon? This Kaiserschmarrn of characters we all think we know somehow. The normal family madness – made in Bavaria and by beer.

The Hansel and the Gretel of success are the cult-relaxed Sebastian Bezzel (50), a mix of Manuel Neuer and the young Clint Eastwood – and his long-term power friend “Susi”, Lisa Maria Potthoff (43). A perfect couple!

Then of course the roast pork table: the eternal friend Rudi (Simon Schwarz, 50), the grandma (Enzi Fuchs, 84), the pot-smoking papa (Eisi Gulp, 65), and, and, and.

You don’t have to like it all. But if you like it, it’s addictive to drink. A beer in the cinema fits!

Conclusion: Scandinavia gave us the dark “noir” thrillers! Bavaria inspires us with anarcho-Schmarrn crime novels. Bezzel & Potthoff are the Bavarian crime-comedy dream couple. Cheers!

(96 min./FSK: from 12 years)

New in the cinema:
Photo: BILD



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