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Anna Kendrick talks about love & friendship

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31.05.2020 – 11:20 o’clock

Los Angeles – Anna Kendrick doesn’t have the belief in the one true love.

In a “Behind the Scenes” video for her interview in the June issue of Emmy Magazine, the “Pitch Perfect” star reveals: “I definitely don’t believe in soul mate in the traditional sense. The word is almost a synonym for ‘the One’. There are many of ‘the one’ and if we’re lucky, we spend a lot of time with one of them.” Kendrick is currently spending time with her boyfriend and cinematographer Ben Richardson. But the 34-year-old believes in one thing: good and long friendship. She goes on to say in the video: “I wonder if there are non-romantic soulmates. I would say that there is evidence that it is more likely that a soulmate is not romantic. The best and longest relationships in my life are really friendships.”

By the way, Anna Kendrick plays the lead role in the new Hbo series “Love Life”.

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