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This is the trailer for the grand finale

The grand finale of “House of Money” is imminent. The time will come on September 3rd and the first five episodes will be on Netflix. The teaser trailer for the new episodes already promised a dramatic finale for the Spanish series. Now, a month before the series starts, Netflix released a new trailer that has even more dramatic scenes in store.

The grand finale

The series creator of “House of Money”, Álex Pina, has announced a warlike and chaotic end. The trailer, which has now been released by Netflix, shows that the series creator has not exaggerated. The professor’s group is stuck in the bank and the professor himself can no longer help him. In addition, the trailer shows a new opponent for the criminal gang. The military was called in to put an end to it all. But giving up is not the solution for the team. The group prepares for their biggest fight. From the third of September there will be five action-packed and exciting episodes. From December 3rd, things will continue a little less dramatically, with the last five episodes of the Spanish series “House of Money”.

What happens in the House of Money

The professor is the genius behind the gang of criminals from “House of Money”. The team robbed a bank with aliases in the form of city names. The professor always stays outside to coordinate the attack from outside. The team just wants to take the money away and not harm innocent civilians.

There was a disturbing cliffhanger at the end of season four of House of Money. The team is still in the Central Bank of Spain and hasn’t made it out yet. What is worse, however, is that the professor was found in his hiding place by investigator Alicia Sierra. So the team is on their own and nobody knows what Alicia Sierra will do with the professor.



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