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Impressive “Avatar 2” picture clears up the fan mystery ·

Once again “Avatar” producer Jon Landau published a new picture for “Avatar 2”, which gives us some important information about the planet Pandora.

After several delays, the shooting of “Avatar 2“Finally ended about a year ago. The film is currently still in post-production, so fans are still waiting impatiently for the long-awaited sequel. After all, since “Avatar – Departure for Pandora” there have surely been a lot of questions about the film universe that will hopefully be answered in the next sequels. To sweeten the long wait for the cinema release, “Avatar” producer Jon Landau is now publishing a picture and is immediately addressing a question concerning the planet Pandora:

The photo is an impressive concept art that shows us the sea of ​​Pandora during a severe storm. A marine animal emerges from the restless waves and is ridden by a Na’vi. Under the picture Jon Landau wrote the following statement: “When I posted about the weather in Wellington last week, the question arose: is there bad weather on Pandora? As the drawing by Dylan Cole shows, this is actually the case. “

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“Avatar 2”: A whole new side of Pandora is shown

It has been known for a long time that “Avatar 2” deals primarily with the marine world of Pandora and the latest image gives us some impressions of how the oceans can behave in bad weather. Since the atmosphere on Pandora is much thinner and the gravity is not as strong as on Earth, some fans had legitimate questions about the weather conditions of the planet. In addition, Pandora has mountains that are always moving, which is why one cannot assume that the laws of nature work the same way as on earth.

You can stream “Avatar – Departure for Pandora” here on Disney +

“Avatar” from 2009 only showed us a fraction of the fantastic world of Pandora, which is why it will be very interesting which natural phenomena will bring us the coming sequels. Furthermore, fans can look forward to the return of the old “Avatar” stars like Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Stephen Lang. However, we still have to be patient, because “Avatar 2” only starts on December 14, 2022 in German cinemas.

Now it’s your turn. You can find out how well you know your way around the world of Pandora here:

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