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Horror on Netflix: First trailer promises the scariest series of the year

Netflix: Great Horror in August

Horror series "Brand New Cherry Flavor" at Netflix
Horror series “Brand New Cherry Flavor” on Netflix


In the miniseries, the young, ambitious filmmaker Lisa Nova (Rosa Salazar) comes to Los Angeles to make her dream come true. Interestingly, the whole thing is set in the 90s and the experimental black and white film the director wants to get famous with is a horror film in itself. But this is no comparison to the brutalities that the viewer of the Netflix series can expect: Lisa has a traumatizing encounter with a film producer and although the trailer does not say exactly what is happening, she says tearfully: “He told me the most important thing about taken from my life. ” The viewers may find out what that could be in the series, but with effective strobe lights, the culprit is portrayed as a creepy hunter in the trailer. Generally speaking, the video is absurdly creepy. Lisa visits a woman, with her supernatural abilities, she lets the man curse and from there it really starts. Lisa begins to see ghosts haunting her instead of the cursed one. Meanwhile, he continues to get on her skin. The woman consulted explains all of this with the fact that Lisa’s mind is now open to the parallel world.



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