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First trailer for the remake of Amazon

The video shows you numerous excerpts from the film, which, in contrast to other adaptations of the well-known story, takes a somewhat more unusual path. The focus is not necessarily on a purely fairytale-like story, but a mixture of comedy, dance and singing – without completely losing sight of the original. So it’s more in the direction of a classic musical.

Even with the cast, the remake of Cinderella goes other ways: The fairy is not a woman as usual, but a man with the actor Billy Porter (The Devil’s Club). Incidentally, Camila Cabello, who is relatively unknown in Hollywood and who previously appeared mainly in short films, slips into the role of Cinderella. Nevertheless, there is no lack of star power: Pierce Brosnan (James Bond) as King Rowan is just as much part of the party as Idina Menzel (The Ice Queen) as an evil stepmother. There are also Minnie Driver (Good Will Hunting) and James Corden (Trolls).

By the way, Cinderella was directed by Kay Cannon, who has already made a name for herself in “The Sex Pact”. She has also worked as a producer on films such as Pitch Perfect 3 and the New Girl series. She also wrote the script for the new adaptation. Filming had already started at Pinewood Studios at the beginning of 2020, but had to be interrupted in March of the same year due to the corona pandemic and the associated effects. The release of the film is planned for September 3, 2021 exclusively on Amazon Prime.

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