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A jewel coup as a liberation blow for love

Actually, Linda (Anne Hathaway) and Paxton (Chiwetel Ejiofor) were in the process of separating after ten years together. But then came Corona and the lockdown. Now the two are stuck in an unhealthy floating relationship status and a spacious London townhouse. Upstairs in the bedroom, Linda torments herself as the marketing boss of a US corporation through Zoom meetings and, after she had to fire her entire team at the behest of the boss (Ben Stiller), can not look forward to her own promotion. Paxton has set up in the basement and turns the wheel. The separation also makes him doubt his professional existence as an underpaid courier driver. He will even have to sell his beloved motorcycle from the wild old days.

When Linda and Paxton meet in the kitchen, they quickly clash. In lockdown, the nerves are bare and even putting together a shopping list is a challenge for the separated couple. But then there is movement in the claustrophobic relationship setting. Linda is supposed to clear her company’s inventory from the noble department store “Harrods”, including a million-dollar diamond that was sold to an anonymous dictator. Of all things, the courier company for which Paxton works is to take over the transport.

Idea for a criminal coup is on the kitchen table

Thus, the idea for a criminal coup is on the kitchen table, which brings a breath of fresh air into the dying love relationship. Like many films made during the pandemic, “Locked Down” by Doug Liman (“Edge of Tomor-row”) is a quick shot that uses last year’s madness as an entertainment backdrop. It took just four months from the first draft of the script to the last flap.

Certain narrative bumps and the somewhat abrupt change from the romantic dramedy to the heist movie should not be surprising. But especially in the last third, “Locked Down” really picks up speed when the coup takes shape in the (real) catacombs of the London department store. The common crime becomes a liberation blow for the crisis-ridden love and at the same time reflects the very contemporary longing for a post-pandemic new beginning.

“Locked down” can be seen on Sky from 6 August.

Arjun Sethi
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