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Life in the spotlight: Amanda Seyfried has panic attacks

Can you ever get used to Hollywood’s lightning storm? In any case, Amanda Seyfried (35) is likely to have her doubts about this – even though she has been an integral part of the film factory for well over a decade. In 2004 she made her breakthrough with the teen comedy “Girls Club – Beware Biting!”, for her role in “Mank” she was recently even nominated for an Oscar. But for the actress, public attention also has its downsides: Amanda suffers from anxiety and panic attacks.

“It feels like a life-and-death struggle”, explained the 35-Year-old at Sunday Today with Willie Geist. The body shows a fight-or-flight reaction. “This endorphin pulsion and pressure drop after the panic attack are really extraordinary. You feel so liberated,” led Amanda from. It is as if the body has regenerated itself in some way. She finds it bizarre that the panic expresses itself physiologically, even though it actually starts in the head. Amanda I feel the need to show other people that she is completely normal despite her notoriety: “There is no one who wakes me up with breakfast in bed, and I am not being driveed around.”

Whenever she meets someone, she wants to make it clear to the person that you can talk to them. “I want to make connections with other people, just like everyone else. Simply because I’m like everyone else”Explains Amanda, who lives with her husband Thomas Sadoski (44), their two children and their mother on a farm in the US state of New York.

Amanda Seyfried at the 74th Venice Film Festival 2017
Thomas Sadoski and Amanda Seyfried, April 2019 in New York City
Amanda Seyfried in July 2018 in London

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