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Ariana Grande Helps The LGBTQ+ Community

Singer Ariana Grande is committed to the trans* community: With a large donation to TranSanta, she wants to enable young trans* people who do not have a home, live in foster families or rarely or never receive gifts for other reasons to do exactly the things they want! TranSanta is an organization of “Pose” actress Indya Moore that raises funds for young trans people. The fans are touched by this great gesture of the singer. 🥺

Pride: These stars belong to the LGBTQ+ community


“We need to show the trans community that they are loved and supported”

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In her post on Instagram, Grande calls for support for TranSanta and the trans community as a whole. (Not only) In America, the community is currently under fire, as the singer writes in her post: “36 states have published over 100 laws that attack the rights of transgender people. We need to show the trans community that they are loved and supported.“The United States is not the only country where the trans community has to fight back against discrimination and prejudice. In Germany, too, there are still many prejudices and ignorance when it comes to gender reassignment. The TranSanta organization raises money to give young trans people the gifts they would be denied because of their life situation (homelessness, foster families, etc.). The fans are touched by the singer’s gesture. “Thank you for supporting us“, writes a fan. Not the first time Grande has shown her support for the LBGTQ+ community!


Grande and the LGBTQ+ community

Since the singer really took off with her career in 2013, she has always been a great advocate for the rights of queer people. In 2015, she celebrated National Coming Out Day, which many stars use to have their own coming out, with sweet and empowering messages to their fans. “To my gay fans, I love you so much. And to all the fans who haven’t come out yet, to my babies who are shy because of it: I love you and you don’t have to rush. You can take your time,” she told the audience at a performance in Dallas. “And if anyone looks stupid at you because you are who you are, I’ll kick them in the ass!” 😅 Good to know that you know such a cool woman as a queer person on your side!

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