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Ariana Grande: She gives Katy Perry’s daughter a designer piece

Ariana Grande
Luxury gift for Katy Perry’s daughter

Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande has delivered a special designer gift to the daughter of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, who was born three months ago.

Ariana Grande, 27, joins the line-up of stars who heap Katy Perry, 36, and Orlando Bloom, 43, with costly gifts for the birth of their daughter Daisy Dove. The singer thought practically and got the three-month-old Daisy something for the winter.

Ariana Grande gives away a Givenchy snowsuit

Katy Perry reveals to her fans on Instagram what present her daughter got from Ariana Grande: a white snowsuit by Givenchy for 655 dollars, the equivalent of just under 540 euros. On her Instagram account, the singer shows the precious piece with the greeting card: “Katy and Orlando, congratulations and I adore you both! Love, Ariana”. As a thank you for this attention, there’s an “ILY” in Perry’s story — which means “I love you.”

uvor sent Beyoncé a large bouquet of white roses and lilies, while Lionel congratulated Richie with a bottle of champagne delivered in a white unicorn baby coat. But the gift of Ariana Grande stands out clearly – after all, the snowsuit is not only stylish, but also practical in the cold winter time for the little offspring.


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