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Kendall Jenner: For a tanned complexion, she reaches for this bronzer

Kendall Jenner and makeup? No one is going to pretend to the influencer so quickly. When it comes to tender tan, Kendall Jenner swears by this bronzer.

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Be beautiful like top model Kendall Jenner (24), who doesn’t want that? For her beauty routine, the 24-year-old mega-influencer uses a very special product. And this does not come from a hip, new trend brand, but from a real traditional company: Our mothers and grandmothers have already relied on the luxurious products of Estée Lauder! Kendall swears by the Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer by Estée Lauder, a powder bronzer.

The beautiful social media queen with the dark eyes is known for a more natural look. In her beauty routine, she relies on the bronzer, which gives the skin a slightly tanned tone, as if softly kissed by the sun – perfect now at the end of summer, when the last rays of the sun warm and the summer complexion slowly but surely goes. The oil-free powder gives face, shoulders and décolleté a gentle tan, the manufacturer promises. A unique Oil-Control-Complex should prevent shine and at the same time keep the skin supple.

From marketing queen Estée Lauder to top influencer Kendall Jenner

Not only the products of the traditional brand are true geht-immer-classics from perfumery, but also from the story of the company founder Estée Lauder, born in 1906 in Queens in New York († 97), actually Josephine Esther Mentzer, successful women of today can cut themselves a slice: Lauder came from a humble background and built up a world-class cosmetic empire over the years. The entrepreneur relied on clever marketing ideas: For example, she is said to have distributed free samples of her products – a new idea at the time. And once, according to a report published on “”, her perfume “Youth Dew” is said to have poured on the floor of the Parisian luxury department store Lafayette so that the fragrance attracts visitors. That worked and Lauder was allowed to offer her products on her own space in the department store. Founded in 1946 together with her husband Joseph Lauder, her Estée Lauder Companies, based in New York City, later expanded worldwide, products of the brand Today, Estée Lauders are sold in 150 countries worldwide.

So it’s no surprise that model Kendall Jenner took over the job as a brand ambassador for the traditional company in 2014. Like its founder at the time, Kendall Jenner, scion of the famous Kardashian family, also understands something of contemporary marketing. After all, the model and her sisters are among the top influencers worldwide. Millions of beauty fans on all continents follow her make-up tips. Kendall currently has 139 million followers on Instagram alone.

With the bronzer, as with any make-up, it depends on the right tone

In a video on YouTube uploaded by Vogue, Kendall and her sisters give makeup tips. Kendall shows how she Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer is used. The bronzer is her favorite part during her beauty routine, she confirms in the video – even if she takes “not a ton” of it. She uses a makeup brush that she squeezes with her fingers to make it a little thinner, she explains. So she applies the powdery bronzer thinly on the cheeks and neck, she also uses it as eye shadow. “I learn a lot when I’m on set,” she explains to her audience. Most of what she learned there: finding out what looks good about her.

Because one thing is clear: What suits some people does not have to work well for others. Especially in women with light skin, bronzer quickly looks artificial or orange – it depends on the right tone, say experts. Makeup professionals advise to try bronzer best on the inside of the wrist. The color should not be more than two shades darker than your own skin tone.  In this way, a delicate tan can be conjured up on the skin, for example by using the product on the forehead, nose and chin.

Estée Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer is available in three shades

But bronze powder is a versatile product. If you like, you can also emphasize your facial features, highlight or optimize nuances. For example, bronze powder applied to the nostrils makes the nose look narrower. Applied to the tip of the nose, the powder makes them visually a little shorter. A high forehead can be concealed with the application to the hairline and on the cheekbones the product gives the face contour. By the way, professionals gently tap out the makeup brush before applying the product. In this way, they prevent too much paint from being applied to the facial features at once.

On Amazon, 87 percent of users rate the Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer by Estée Lauder with five stars. “Top quality, as you would expect from Estée Lauder”, “I love it” or “a fantastic product” are written by people from different countries. The bronze powder is available in four different colors: “Deep”, “Light”, “Medium” and “Medium Deep”, with “” the daily touch of luxury costs about 45 euros, depending on the provider.  We have the Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer by Estée Lauder for a paltry 35 yours found:

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