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Brad Pitt Double Must Delete Dating Profiles After Rush

He looks like Brad Pitt: Construction worker Nathan Meads (35) from Oxford, UK, has heard this so many times until he hired as a Brad Pitt doppelgänger.

Pictures on his Instagram channel “bradpitt_lookalike” make the similarity clear. “When I was 20 years old, I was first told that I looked like Brad Pitt. This went on for about ten years, but I always just laughed about it,” the father of two tells the portal “LAD Bible”.

About five years ago, he was hired by an agent for the first time as a Pitt doppelgänger and has since been regularly booked for more or less glamorous celebrity events.

But the similarity with the attractive actor also has its downsides, as it has now become apparent: Meads registered according to “LAD Bible” on dating portals – it followed, therefore, a rush of inquiries, but also accusations. He hadn’t really had great expectations, saying, “I wasn’t looking for the great love and I didn’t want to commit myself.” But he didn’t expect that.

Allegations on dating platforms – Meads: “Don’t look for my Angelina”

Accordingly, he was accused of exploiting his Brad Pitt appearance to have success with women. Others, according to his statements, considered him to be the real actor and bombarded him with news, including on social media. This led me to the extent that Meads deleted the profiles again. But he takes it with humor, says to “LAD Bible”: “Then I just stay single. I’m not looking for my Angelina.”

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