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Hollywood star Emma Stone exclusive: “It’s about sticking together”

She always has a cheeky saying and a smile on her lips: Emma Stone. The actress lives up to her reputation and also presents herself in the t-online interview of the best mood.

On the red carpet at the Oscars, on US talk shows or at the famous “73 Questions” special, when “Vogue” paid her a home visit and which has already been viewed over 16 million times on YouTube: Emma Stone always seems to be cheerful. The 32-year-old has earned this reputation – through jokes with fellow actors and an always radiant smile.

Emma Stone is also in a good mood in an interview with t-online. Although the general mood could be better. The interview took place in November 2020. Donald Trump was still US president and the corona pandemic had hit the United States more hard than almost any other country in the world. So do we need mood enhancers in these times? Films like “The Croods – Everything at the Beginning”?

“It’s important to laugh in these times”

Emma Stone speaks in this animated action adventure in which a Stone Age family is looking for a new home, the rebellious, loud daughter Eep Crood. A cheerful, fun family fun that lives from its wit and the charm of the shrill characters. Humor is one of the most important elements for her to keep a good mood even in dark times, the actress reveals. “It’s important to laugh in these times – and forget for a moment the pain of the world,” Stone told t-online.

The second part of the animation hit has a very special, important message for the Hollywood star. “It’s about sticking together,” Stone explains, given the very different characters in the film. Together they try to make it through and dare a new beginning – as a family in another place to build a new home. “The film shows that it is good to accept each other’s differences and use the different strengths for the group.”

In March 2021, Emma Stone became a mother for the first time

This is no different in real life and that’s why, in her opinion, the film has “a poignant message” to offer. A young, somewhat unconventional family that sticks together and makes itself through difficult times? This is also reminiscent of Emma Stone’s private life.

The actress, who has been dating television director Dave McCary since 2017 and has been married since 2020, became a mother for the first time in March this year. So her daughter gave birth to her after the Trump era, and at a time when the US seems to be slowly recovering after the worst corona strains.

Now she herself has every reason to fight her way through – and to fill the message of her film with life. However, this makes Emma Stone far more reserved than her open-hearted, attentive appearances in public suggest. She guards her private life like a treasure – and she fights to ensure that her family is well and that the threats from outside do not become a danger, just like the “Croods”.

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