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“Harry Potter” star Tom Felton confesses his true love

Again and again there are rumours about for whom the heart of the “Harry Potter” stars Tom Felton Proposes. Now he made his great love public.

For years, fans have been speculating about the love life of the Draco Malfoy Actors. Fans of the “Harry Potter” series have always wanted Fellow actress Emma Watson to his side. The 31-year-old admitted a few years ago in an interview with the American teengie magazine “Seventeen”: “During the shooting of the first two films, I had a total crush on Tom Felton. He was my first crush!”. How sweet!

Harry Potter: The relationship between Tom Felton and Emma Watson

But it never turned into an adult love: “We are really good friends and that’s cool,” explained the Hermione Actresswho have been in a relationship with the entrepreneur for a year Leo Robinton is. But if it’s not Emma Watson, who does Felton confess his love to in his latest Twitter post?

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Harry Potter: Tom Felton loves Willow more than anything

“Every day is better beacause she’s in the world”, the actor does not address these heartfelt words to his new girlfriend, but to his cute dog Willow. The cute black has just turned three years old, to celebrate the day, the 33-year-old now confessed that he could no longer imagine a life without her. And no wonder, who could resist this faithful dog look?

Harry Potter: For him it was love at first sight

Already in their first hour together, Willow had done it to him: When he drove home with her, she climbed from the passenger seat on his lap. On Instagram, Felton wrote even then: “I love her”. Well, if that wasn’t love at first sight between the two.

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