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Covid threatens Hollywood. Too many infections: stop producing – Magazine

Los Angeles, July 29, 2021 – Covid, the threat of the virus falls on the cinema: the Hollywood productions are blocked again due to the increase in infections and the uncertainty of vaccine protocols. And while infections increase in Tokyo, Sydney and Bangkok, Hollywood is in crisis: according to what the Wall Street Journal reports, the positivity to Covid of some members of the production has led to the stop of the filming of “House of the Dragon”, the anticipated “Game of Thrones” prequel that will air on Hbo.

The bulletin in Italy of 29 July

The suspended productions

Closed set also for “Woke“, again due to the emergence of new infections. Among the suspended productions, those of the film”God is a bullet” with Jamie Foxx, after the recently vaccinated actors still tested positive. Tom Cruise for “Mission: Impossible 7”.

New Ecdc map: Sardinia and Sicily in red

Spacers and masks

The emergency linked to the Delta variant is raising questions about Hollywood fragility: cinema is a work environment different from all the others. The distancing social cannot be observed on set, e acting with masks is unthinkable. Studios and actors’ unions have supported the choice of vaccinating as many people as possible, but no one can be forced, so moments of tension arise.
For example, an actor asked to be accompanied on the set by another driver, because the one who had been him does not want to vaccinate.

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