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Kim Kardashian Drops Through First Year of Law Exam After First Year of Study

Kim Kardashian is certainly an extraordinary aspiring lawyer: The 40-year-old is a reality TV star and, according to »Forbes«, a billionaire. But she now has one experience in common with many other students – but one that she could probably have done without Kardashian has fallen through an important exam.

She failed her first exam last June, she said in a preview of the current episode of her show »Keeping Up With The Kardashians«. The exam known as the »Baby Bar« is at the end of the first year of study in California for all those who do not study in a classic way.

If you want to study law, you usually need at least a bachelor’s degree in the USA. Kardashian was enrolled at Pierce University in California but did not graduate. In some states, including California, however, it is possible to become a lawyer after four years through a law firm internship and an examination. Kardashian had chosen this path.

Now, however, she suffered a setback on her way to becoming a lawyer. She scored 474 points in the »Baby Bar«, 560 were necessary to pass. » You’ve been very close to a test that many people wouldn’t take in the middle of a pandemic,” human rights lawyer Jessica Jackson, where Kardashian is training, said on the show. For her, apparently only a weak consolation: “I am a failure,” said Kardashian. »I studied ten to twelve hours a day for six weeks.«

She spent little time with her children during this time, she said in a conversation with her sisters Kourtney, 42, and Khloé, 36. I don’t have the time.” She now has to decide whether she wants to attend the next test appointment within a few weeks or wait a year. Which way she decided remained open in the preview.


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