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For interview with Ellen: Mila Kunis Wears Short Sports Pants!

With the onset of the health crisis, the term “business casual” was also redefined. Your own four walls have become a workplace, meetings take place with the help of video conferences. The outfits adapt accordingly: business at the top, casual at the bottom. For a long time now, the stars have also sworn to dress up for interviews, but to take it a little more leisurely from the waist down. Mila Kunis (37) also seems to like such comfort: The actress completed her conversation with Ellen DeGeneres (63) in casual sports pants.

Ellen DeGeneres at the Golden Globes in Beverly Hills in January 2020

At first glance, of course, this was not noticeable. Wearing a light blue blouse and a black sweater, the 37-year-old sat in the Ellen DeGeneres Show in front of the camera of her laptop. In the course of a game, however, the talk show host asked the “Bad Moms” star to present his best dance steps. “I only wear sports pants,” confessed Mila thereupon. All to the amusement Ellens. “It’s so funny. You look so polished up on top, that’s great”, the moderator was pleased.

Mila Kunis in Beverly Hills

In the further course of the conversation, Mila then also reveal more details of her life in quarantine. Together with husband Ashton Kutcher (43), she shot a Super Bowl commercial, also to get a break from their two children. “I love my kids, we love them both, but they’re like pons: they smell you. They know what room you’re hiding in – you can’t escape them.”, she explained the necessity of her short vacation.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis at the Breakthrough Prize, 2017

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