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July 25, 2021 – 10:30 clock

Emily Blunt has revealed the secret of her happy marriage.

The ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ actress, who has daughters Hazel (7) and Violet (5) with husband John Krasinski, recently celebrated her eleventh wedding anniversary. And what the secret of her marriage is, the actress revealed in an interview with ‘E! News’: “Just love! You just have to keep loving each other and listening to each other,” she explained. As early as 2020, her husband John revealed: “We support each other extremely, we understand what the job entails and that you have to travel and do a few things.” And her sweetheart went on to say, “I’ve always been a big fan of Emily before we even met, so I continue to be a big fan of her and everything she does.” When asked what the best date was, Blunt told Heat magazine some time ago: “I love going to the movies. It’s my favorite activity, we do it all the time. And I just love being surrounded and consumed by an experience. I love the darkness and the energy in the room and the space between people. I think it’s the best date ever. It’s one of my favorite things and always will be.”

‘A Quiet Place 2’ – directed by Emily’s husband John – was originally scheduled to be released more than a year ago, but was delayed due to the pandemic because movie bosses said it worked better in theaters than as a streaming release. “The film is made for a theatrical experience. It’s such a theatrical event. It’s a sound film. You want to sit with strangers, jump and scream and not eat your popcorn. And I think that’s always been what we’ve seen in it.”

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