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All tasks and information about Ariana Grande and the Live Event •

the Rift Tour in Fortnite the answer to the question of which Live Event the great Countdown in Fortnite Announces. Already on Tuesday (July 27) the countdown with the small update 17.21 over the Spire basin has appeared and has raised the question of its background for many players. Now we know: The Fortnite Rift Tour is “a new musical experience” in which there will be “magical new realities” and a “successful superstar”. The supporting program of the event also includes a few Fortnite Rift Tour Tasks with free rewards. What awaits you at the event and how you can solve the missions, you will learn below on this page.

What and when is the Rift Tour, is Ariana Grande there and the mothership destroys the map?

So far, Epic Games reveals the details of the Rift Tour only in small bites. So far, a “new musical experience” has been announced, in which “a successful superstar will turn the world of Fortnite upside down”. Who this star is, Epic does not reveal so far. If you believe the data miners and the rumor mill, it will probably be Ariana Grande that fans have been wanting for a long time.

Overall, the Rift Tour consists of five shows held on three different days – between 7 and 9 August. You can see the exact dates in the new “Rift Tour” tab in the lobby of Fortnite, where you also have the opportunity to reserve one or more dates. However, this is not to be understood as a registration, because it is not necessary. You only need to be in the game 30 minutes before a show to participate in the Rift Tour show. You can find out more about the Rift Tour tab in the associated task “Mark the date in the “Rift Tour” tab and play a match” further down the page.

So far, it is unclear what will happen at the event. Almost certainly, the mysterious ship above the Spire Basin has something to do with it, because another Rift Tour task takes you to exactly this party UFO. Presumably, the alien platform will serve as a viewing stage for the spectacle. We will probably have to wait until August 2nd, because Epic Games wants to reveal more details about the event.

Finally, a small rumor: Maybe the event will also change the map, because Data Miner iFireMonkey has already found a few new editions of Slurpy Swamp, Coral Castle and Corny Complex, in which the places float divided on small land masses. Rumor has it that the alien mothership will rip her out of the map and beam her up. But the whole thing is just speculation and could also be related to a later update.

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Fortnite: All Rift Tour missions and rewards at a glance

So that you can also experience the Rift Tour and know how the event works in the game, the developers have tailored four simple tasks for it, which you can solve from July 29 to August 9 to pick up a few free rewards. Here are the tasks and goodies that await you:

  • Mark the date in the Rift Tour tab and play a match (2x)
    Reward: Loading screen “Cosmic Cuddle Bet”
  • Interact with the Rift Tour posters
    Reward: Spray motif “Crack Masterpiece”
  • Use an alien hologram surface on top of the party UFO (1x)
    Reward: Emoticon “Kitten Cloud”
  • Join the Rift Tour (1x) – Will be unlocked on August 07, 2021
    Reward: TBA (new umbrella)
You can get these rewards in the Fortnite Rift Tour tasks.

Fortnite: Mark the date in the Rift Tour tab and play a match

For the first Rift Tour task, you’ll need to switch to Fortnite’s game lobby. At the top, in the menu bar, you will find the new “Rift Tour Tab” next to the Item Shop tab. On the one hand, here are the exact dates of the five shows, which take place between August 7 and 9, but there is also a lot more information about the event – you can, for example, the tasks and view the reserved dates of your friends – as well as the possibility to reserve one or more shows.

To save a show, all you have to do is watch “Will be there!” box. Afterwards, you only need to play (or have already played) two matches to receive the “Cosmic Cuddle Bet” loading screen as a reward.

Switch to the menu tab “Rift Tour” in the Fortnite lobby and tick an appointment.

Interact with the Rift Tour posters

For this task you have to jump into a match and end up at Believer Beach, Risky Reels, Lazy Lake, Retail Row or Misty Meadows. In each of these five locations, the developers have placed tons of Rift Tour posters on house walls. We recommend that you fly to Risky Reels for this task, because there are usually very few players landing here. On the following map we have marked the locations of the posters at the old drive-in cinema.

Fortnite: Map with locations of Rift Tour posters at Risky Reels.

Just choose one of the posters, face it and press the interaction button, then you have already completed the task and get the spray motif “Crack Masterpiece” as a reward.


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