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US court: Katy Perry stole from Christian musician

The singer Katy Perry is said to have stolen the beat of a Christian song. This has been decided by a court in California. Perry himself says she never heard the song.
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Pop star Katy Perry is said to have copied the background beat of the Christian rap song “Joyful Noise” for her song “Dark Horse”. This verdict was reached on Monday by a court in Los Angeles. The rapper Flame (born Marcus Gray) had filed a lawsuit against the musician in 2014. Among other things, he saw his Christian image damaged by the “anti-Christian sorcery, paganism, black magic and illuminati symbolism” used in “Dark Horse” and the music video. This is unanimously reported by numerous media.

“Dark Horse” had occupied number one in the US charts for four weeks in 2013 and earned Perry a Grammy nomination. The music video shows the singer as the Egyptian queen. While she sings about ownership claims to men, she turns several people into piles of sand or a dog.

Katy Perry was a Christian herself

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Flame saw himself cheated of his beat and complained. Perry and other contributors stated in the process that they had never heard of “Joyful Noise”. In addition, the defense considered the beat too ordinary to be under copyright protection. The plaintiffs, in turn, pointed out that Katy Perry herself made Christian music in the early 2000s and had two pastors as parents. That’s why they thought it was likely that she had come across “Joyful Noise”. The musician had distanced herself from her Christian past a few years ago.

The negotiations lasted a week. Finally, the court ruled that Perry and the other authors had deliberately or unconsciously copied the background music. The amount of the claims for damages will be decided on Tuesday.

Here is the comparison of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” and “Joyful Noise” from “Flame”:

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