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Mom Flies to Mars: Film about an astronaut saying goodbye to her daughter

After Winocour wanted to shoot a European space film, she researched in the facilities of the European Space Agency ESA in Cologne as well as in Star City near Moscow. The gripping scenes in which the astronauts are prepared for their space flight have an almost documentary character.

As part of her preparations, an ESA trainer told her that astronauts are very proud of their children during training, while women often hide their motherhood, Winocour says: “Women tend not to talk about their children at work because it could harm them. It could mean that they have to leave work earlier or take holidays. Even I, as a filmmaker, don’t mention that I have a child during filming.”

Sarah is also the only woman in a men’s team. Her colleagues are suspicious of her, especially the American astronaut in the team, played confidently by Matt Dillon. But eventually something like friendship develops between the two. After all, it is he who takes away Sarah’s last doubts about her mission: “There is no such thing as a perfect mother, and there are no perfect astronauts.”

For her, this remark would be the key sentence of her film, according to Winocour: “Women are often in a dilemma. And that’s what I wanted to show: it’s the story of a separation, but also of liberation.”

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