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Is there a baby bump hidden under this wide shirt?


09. June 2021 – 10:18 clock

Jennifer Lawrence fuels pregnancy speculation

Is it now or is it not? In recent weeks, pregnancy rumors have been circulating about Jennifer Lawrence. A recent photo of the 30-year-old actress is now heating it up again. Because during the reshoot of Jennifer’s next film “Red, White and Water” something seems to arch under her wide T-shirt. A baby bump or extra corona kilos? If you want to form your own opinion, you can do so in the video.

In May, Jennifer wore belly-free

In October 2019, Jennifer Lawrence gave her sweetheart Cooke Maroney the yes-word. Although celebrities such as Cameron Diaz (48), Adele (33), Emma Stone (32) or Kris Jenner (65) were among the guests, the bride and groom still managed to keep the ceremony private. For paparazzi it was: Unfortunately, we have to stay outside! The Oscar winner and the art dealer keep it similarly private with their love happiness. Therefore, it would not be surprising if Jennifer did not officially confirm a potential pregnancy. However, such a baby belly grows naturally and is at some point difficult to hide. At the end of May, Jennifer was still belly-free and quite well-trained in a crop top.

If Jennifer is actually pregnant, the baby would get a great father. Shortly after the engagement to Cooke in 2019, the “Hunger Games” star raved in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight”: “He is simply the best person I have met in my entire life. It was a very, very easy decision to say yes. (csp)

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