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In the cinema: Which films are worthwhile – and which are not – culture

The veins of the world

Juliane Liebert: Told in impressive pictures Byambasuren Davaa the story of Amra, a young nomad in the Mongolian steppe who dreams of appearing on the star show “Mongolia’s Got Talent”. His world is the school, the Internet, the animals, the steppe. But this world is threatened, international companies want to expel Amra and his parents in order to mine for gold in the country. An endearing, sometimes sad film that immerses you in a completely different world.

Everything is one. Except for the 0.

Max Muth: He was the pioneer of the German computer hackers and their greatest idealist: Herwart “Wau” Holland, scout, telecommunications technician and co-founder of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). He died in 2001, but the memory of him lives on: in comrades-in-arms such as Peter Glaser and in numerous home videos of the friends. From this, Tanja Schwerdorf and Klaus Maeck made a documentation. It is an absolutely worth seeing declaration of love to the early German computer nerd, even if the digital conflicts of the last twenty years are dealt with somewhat schematically.

The breath of the sea

Sarah Zapf: A documentary by the Dutch filmmaker Pieter-Rim de Kroon about the Unesco World Heritage region Wadden Sea. The visually stunning and sonorous language of the film describes the rhythm of ebb and flow, silence and storm, inhalation and exhalation. The contrasting and detailed and sometimes unreal depiction illuminates people, flora and fauna and thus shows a special microcosm for all the senses. A film that creates a direct, meditative experience and dispenses with additional commentary.

Cash Truck

Doris Kuhn: Jason Statham drives through Los Angeles as a cash transport guard, hardly gets his mouth open and remains the faster shooter in an emergency. Doesn’t sound new, but it’s staged by Guy Ritchie. Wants in other words, an action plot is told from different perspectives so that you understand the revenge motive behind it. This happens in magnificent images that constantly lose light, while the people in them sometimes turn more, sometimes less willingly into monsters.


Sofia Glasl: Between horror homage and B-movie history lesson weighs Prano Bailey Bonds Debut film cleverly back and forth. With the joy of psychological games, she conjures up the auspicious horror of the “Video Nasties”, those VHS shockers that caused a stir in Britain in the eighties. Bailey-Bond sends the staid youth protection officer Enid on a trip between censorship scandal and personal trauma, which she finally thinks has been solved in a film presented to her.

The Corrupted – A Bloody Legacy

Fritz Göttler: He’s still breathing, says the corrupt police chief, about the man to whom the gangsters have just given a few bullets. The victim lies in a deep hole on the beach. Then one of the gangsters presses a shovel into the Chief’s hand. Timothy Spall is the gangster boss in the film of Ron Scalpello, his face is frighteningly narrow and the low-lying mouth is reminiscent of an animal in wait. He is different from archaic American gangsters, torturing between suspended pig halves. Sam Claflin is a young boxer who comes out of prison and has to protect his wife and son. Corruption in the cold glittering city of London is brutal and cynical, and its driving force is clearly identified: the real estate speculation related to the 2012 Olympic Games.

The Dohnal Minister of Women’s Affairs / Feminist / Visionary

Sofia Glasl: Wistful and also a bit envious Sabine Derflingers Documentary about Austria’s first women’s minister, who shaped social policy between 1979 and 1995. Wistful, because you were not allowed to get to know Johanna Dohnal. Envious of those who knew her and tell so heartily and captivatingly about the feminist icon. “Die Dohnal” is a portrait and history lesson, but also and current assessment of the current position in terms of equality – and Dohnal’s smug smile is still necessary: “We remain annoying.”

Generation incapable of relationship

Nicolas Freund: Tim (Frederick Lau) has actually been in the middle of his professional life for a long time, but has otherwise retained a casual student lifestyle: smoking pot with her ex, Mario Kart with his buddy and of course a lot of non-binding dates. Until suddenly this Ghost (Luise Heyer) wants to snuff away the last Stracciatella ice cream at the tank. Helena Hufnagel has coined the man-meets-woman pattern on the present and manages to bring the attachment problems, sexual frustration and fears of a young generation to the point in an actually quite classic love comedy with individual scenes and sentences. Starts easily and then gets complicated, as is the case with love.

The Green Knight

Anke Sterneborg: The Knights of King Arthur Round Table in a completely different way, with Dev Patel as Gawain, a knight actor of color. Brushed after the horror story in “A Ghost Story” David Lowry now also the epic fantasy adventure against the grain, takes out tempo and thrill, in favor of elegiac calm and opulent atmosphere. Instead of advancing the course of the plot, he revels in magnificently gloomy Irish landscapes and celebrates detours and digressions, premonitions and dreams.

Heaven above the Camino – The Camino de Santiago is life!

Sarah Zapf: The film accompanies six people over 42 days on their personal journey on the Camino de Santiago. Noel Smyth and Fergus Grady do not show a transfigured, but a deeply honest view of the wishes, longings and fears of the wandering beyond spiritual enlightenment. A thoughtful film about grief, pain and loss, but all the more so about change, hope and perseverance – painful and inspiring at the same time.


Tobias Kniebe: Prodigal son returns to his small town on the highway – great old Hollwoody film beginning. Marvin (Jake McLaughlin) has only one skateboard for locomotion, so the small irritations begin. Franka Potente, actress from Dülmen, channels her entire US experience into this self-written feature film debut, which wants to be as American as Apple Pie and almost is with Kathy Bates as a star. In the end, her story of a murderer seeking forgiveness may not be about real experience. But of the desire to build on a thousand other films and at the same time to preserve something of our own.

Julia must die Film
(Photo: Der Filmverleih)

Julia must die

Anna Steinbauer: Her competitors are all white, almost exclusively Shakespeare and Schiller are recited: In order for the headscarf-wearing Lya to take part in the acting entrance exam, she first has to administer sleeping pills to her father in need of care. Marco Gadges entertaining integration comedy painfully and accurately touches on a real social problem, because the German art and cultural landscape is still not very diverse. Not all punchlines sit and sometimes the film scrapes dangerously close to the cliché trap.

Jungle Cruise

Josef Grübl: When a single woman travels through the jungle with a daredevil on a steamboat and is pursued by evil Germans, one immediately thinks of “African Queen”. nevertheless Jaume Collet-Serras Film adaptation of a Disneyland attraction has only borrowed the basic idea of the Hollywood classic from 1951, it is even more: An adventure film in the Amazon, which focuses on action, stars and inclusion, which has fun with pyrotechnics, brawls and pop culture references – and is surprisingly entertaining by the way.

Matthias & Maxime

Philipp Stadelmaier: For a student film, Matthias (Gabriel d’Almeida Freitas) and Maxime (Xavier Dolan) kiss in front of the camera, which releases undreamt-of feelings between them – shortly before Maxime’s departure for Australia. Portrayed differently than usual Xavier Dolan in his touching film, not himself, but a group of friends who say goodbye. And dedicates the film to a group of filmmakers who have made great films about homosexuality.

East Wind 5 – The Great Hurricane

Ana Maria Michel: In the fifth and final part of the film series, Ari wants to help an old horse that is tormented in the circus milieu and slips into doppelgänger roles with stallion Ostwind. But he doesn’t feel comfortable here; his owner Mika (Hanna Binke) notices even from Canada that something is wrong, while Ari searches for her destiny in the spotlight. Lea Schmidbauer, author of the Ostwind books, directs this finale, which in addition to its esotericism also has exciting moments.

Who we are and who we were

Anke Sterneborg: The end of a marriage, seen through the eyes of the only son William Nicholson (Oscar-nominated screenwriter of “Shadowlands” and “The Gladiator”), who reflects on the events decades later as the author of a play and director of the film adaptation. Long walks on the picturesque limestone coast in the south of England bring air and light to the kitchen chamber game. Her love of poetry and his enthusiasm for history elevate the intimate relationship to a universal level in touching and wise thoughts about love, life and death. What a brittle discourse could be is illuminated by the charisma of Annette Bening and Bill Nighy.

Arjun Sethi
Passionate guitarist, gamer and writer. Lives for the perfect review, and scrapes texts until they are razor-sharp.


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