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Does he want to impress Ex Selena?

The Weeknd is currently surprising with one hit after the next and therefore it is no wonder that he will appear on february 8 in the halftime show of the 55th Superbowl. Now his shavings have also been revealed and the question arises: Does he want to impress ex Selena Gomez with it?

On February 8, 2021 The Tampa Bay Buccaneers with star quarterback Tom Brady and the Kansas City Ciefs compete in the 55th Superbowl against each other. But not only the eagerly awaited match is currently getting our full attention, also the at least equally famous halftime show, in which greats such as Michael Jackson, Madonna or J.Lo have already sweetened the waiting time for the second half of the game for the viewers, is currently causing a lot of speculation. At the Buccaneers’ home stadium, Raymond James Stadium, this year, none other than The Weeknd will make a superlative appearance, which is intended to set completely new standards. But against the background that already his last song “Save You Tears” indicates that he longs for his former girlfriend Selena Gomez, we now ask ourselves, whether the “Blinding Lights” artist wants to impress his ex with his show…

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Does The Weeknd also want to impress his ex?

That the Halftime show from the Superbowl something special is, we are shown every year on the first Sunday in February and now in 2021 – despite the ongoing corona pandemic and empty spectator stands – the musical spectacle will take place. And For that, The Weeknd has spared no expense and effort. Six months of preparation and $7 million out of his own pocket should flow into his appearance. The 30-year-old told Billboard: “We’ve really focused on adapting to the fans at home and making the performances a cinematic experience, and that’s what we want to achieve with the Super Bowl.“. That among the 100 million viewers most likely ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez will also be there, especially since she has already been seen at some football games, the singer should certainly be buzzing in the back of his mind. And if he really longs for her, he is guaranteed to impress the brunette beauty with his show.😉

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