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Family Kunis/Kutcher and their clean children’s room – Panorama

“Clean up your room!” is the key phrase for quarrels in families. In the time in which discussions take place afterwards, one could probably clean up entire apartments, even houses. There is more howling only when the parents themselves enter the sacred territory of the offspring. If the mother did not recognize the paper structure as a work of art and threw it away. Or when the father has fatally packed the sweater, which has been lying around on the floor for weeks, in the washing machine, but the teenage daughter has put it unconditional now wants to attract.

“Entering forbidden” signs with skulls are intended to scare off parents, but the youth room odeur note “socks and sleep” is much more effective. Or, for the younger ones, the children’s room weapon par excellence: scattered Lego bricks, into which one enters accurately barefoot.

And then there is the Kunis/Kutcher family. For a home story in the magazine Architectural Digest The actor couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher opened the gates of their villa in Los Angeles. Of course, there are lots of perfectly styled giant rooms to see. And of course it all looks very cool, even the black dogs fit into the design. But the only room that looks like a children’s room almost arouses pity: Everything is in wood-beige-white, instead of colorful car bed linen white linen, the pillows draped. Only a children’s excavator and a miniature wing – symmetrically arranged in the room – as well as a matching dinosaur figure indicate children. It is said that it is a guest room, and that is also hoped for the children. Because the children’s room in another Kutcher/Kunis villa is kept at least as clean. One almost wishes that Wyatt, 6, and Dimitri, 4, have forgotten a Lego brick somewhere. And that they will listen to really bad music really loud later.

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