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Britney Spears: After topless post, she now shows even more

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After topless post, Britney Spears now shows even more

Britney Spears is currently more open-hearted on Instagram than ever before.

Britney Spears is currently more open-hearted on Instagram than ever before.

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Britney Spears puts one on top: After her topless snapshot from Saturday, she now followed up with an even more lascivious photo.

It was the excitement last weekend: Britney Spears, 39, went full steam ahead on her official Instagram account and first posted a topless picture of herself. She covered her bare breasts only with her hands and immediately triggered a huge discussion with the snapshot.

Only one day later, she followed up again and published an almost identical picture, but with a small but subtle difference: Her nipples would have been recognizable in the latest photo if she had not covered them with two asterisks inserted afterwards.

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These two lascivious photos initially brought the singer a lot of encouragement from her fans, who admired her courage. However, there was also a lot of criticism. Spears is currently fighting legally against her father’s guardianship and had celebrated some minor legal successes in recent weeks. Among other things, she is now allowed to drive independently again and was finally able to put a self-chosen lawyer at her side. Parts of their supporters now see these positive developments in danger.

Does she get problems in court because of the pictures?

The timing of these statement photos was poorly chosen, as the court could potentially interpret this as a sign of their immaturity, the comments say. She should better hold back with such posts. At least until the process is finally won. However, the vast majority of their followers rate the topless shots very positively. Paris Hilton (40), for example, commented on Saturday’s first photo with the words: “That’s hot!”

The second photo from Sunday could be of Britney Spears, according to US media, a commitment to the so-called “Free The Nipple” campaign. Activists are campaigning both on social networks and on the streets for greater equality between men and women. The background is the discrimination against women in the eyes of many women’s rights activists who would like to show their nipples, but are not allowed to. However, as with men, this should be legal and culturally accepted.


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