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Celebrity fashion collections are disappointing

Lena Gercke and Lena Meyer-Landrut have their own fashion lines at About You, Kendall Jenner also brings out a collection there. Skandi influencers, on the other hand, like to work with Na-kd and Amazon is also always looking for celebrities for collaborations. Business seems to be booming – but the result is usually disappointing. Three reasons that speak against celebrity collections.

Fashion collections by celebrities are the order of the day: as limited drops or as a whole fashion line, they are marketed by major fashion retailers under the name of well-known people. For example, the “Kendall for About You” collection, which is available for 72 hours, “LeGer” by model Lena Gercke or “A Lot Less” by singer Lena Meyer-Landrut, also from the online giant About You. Na-kd works monthly with new influencers, currently with Josefine HJ, Pamela Reif and Sofia Coelho, among others. And Amazon has also jumped on the bandwagon – fashion blogger Leonie Hanne, for example, launched her own collection there.

The business model is simple. Influencers throw their well-known name and reach into the pot, the online shops produce and market the garments. Fans buy because they have the feeling that they are getting a little closer to their idol. And the result is boring, interchangeable fast fashion pieces that you could simply save, says STYLEBOOK author Katharina Kunath.

Fashion collections of celebrities are always the same, only under different names

A white oversized T-shirt, a black triangle bikini, beige trousers: Kendall Jenner’s new collection for About You includes a total of eleven pieces of clothing. The pieces are inspired by the style of the top model, according to the press release. But there is nothing really special about the individual garments. They are minimalist and interchangeable. Just like the vast majority of fast fashion pieces that promote prominent faces.

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Whether they come from the collection of Lena Gercke, Lena Meyer-Landrut or Kendall Jenner is not recognizable by the design. It doesn’t matter that this is not only boring, but also not at all individual. After all, as many people as possible should buy the clothes. It seems almost embarrassing that the collections are often marketed as limited and super exclusive. THE garment par excellence will not be found in any of these “collaborations”.

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Something similar can usually be bought more sustainably or cheaper elsewhere

Which leads to the next point of criticism: The individual garments are usually so interchangeable that you can buy them anywhere else. Probably even much cheaper or more sustainable. For example, what makes the black triangle bikini from About You’s “exclusive” Kendall Jenner collection better than its counterpart from H&M or C&A? And why should I buy a simple T-shirt branded with the name of an international model when I get a similar one for a fraction of the price at the thri-hand shop around the corner? Those who buy second-hand live more environmentally consciously, save money and do not make themselves a marketing victim. Especially with basics, the comparison is worthwhile!

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If you are really interested in fashion, you support real designers

Probably the most important point in fashion collections by celebrities for large online shops: Creativity, real fashion design and individualism are not about here. It’s all about good sales figures and the prestige of those involved. A deeper message, a meaning? You won’t find it in these fashion lines. They are mostly created by anonymous design teams and are produced solely for the purpose of being consumed by as many people as possible. But there are so many great small, sustainable labels and young designers that you could support. They can’t ride with international supermodels or singers as campaign faces – but with more individual designs and real talent. And that’s much more exciting in the long run than the hundredth, same-looking part of a Fast-F.ashion giants.

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