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We stick together, …

20:15, Das Erste, Wir halten zusammen!, Charity evening

The programs of the ARD want to set a sign for cohesion in Germany on Friday. The charity day culminates in the evening in a live broadcast from Cologne and Leipzig at 20:15 in the Erste. Ingo Zamperoni and Sarah von Neuburg will lead through the evening. Many artists have confirmed for the evening and will perform live. Among others, Herbert Grönemeyer, Sarah Connor, Peter Maffay, Roland Kaiser, Die Prinzen, Max Giesinger, Max Mutzke, Jeannette Biedermann, Yvonne Catterfeld, Joris, Frida Gold and Brings will be there.

20:15, RTL, Top Dog Germany – Der beste Hund Deutschlands, Show

Animal action and real team spirit: At “Top Dog Germany – The best dog in Germany” (also on TV Now), extraordinary dogs and their owners are the stars! A total of 75 four-legged friends compete with their owners in a special obstacle course and show that they are a strong team. The show will be moderated and commented on by the three “Ninja Warrior Germany” professionals Laura Wontorra, Jan Köppen and Frank Buschmann.

8:15 pm, arte, character assassination, thriller drama

Luisa (Rosalie Thomass) loves her teaching profession and is popular with her students. But shortly after she refused to give a high school recommendation to a student, a nude picture of her appears, which an ex-boyfriend had made of her and put online after the separation in revenge. Luisa’s life becomes hell, everywhere she is haunted by lewdness, school takes her on leave and Finn leaves her. Then the young woman disappears without a trace. Did the character killer turn into her murderer?

8:15 pm, ProSieben, The Hunger Games, Future Thriller

In Panem, the “Hunger Games” are held every year. They are intended to remind the impoverished population of the brutal suppression of an uprising by the rich capital, the Capitol. Among the candidates of the deadly hunt, for which each district of Panems must provide two children, this year also include Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson). They fight for their lives – and set something unexpected in motion.

20:15, RTLzwei, Déjà Vu – Race against Time, Sci-Fi Thriller

When a bomb explodes on a passenger ship in New Orleans, it is up to the experienced ATF agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington) to solve the case. Hundreds of passengers die in the alleged terrorist attack. Carlin, however, not only secures evidence, he already had a vision of the attack in advance; in this he falls in love with the mysterious Claire, who also died. Now Carlin is looking for a way to save the victims.

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