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Kendall Jenner: Do you already know your secret twin Kirby? – People

He would love to be a part of the Kardashians…

Do you already know Kirby Jenner? The man has 1.3 million Instagram fans and can be seen in almost every one of his photos with Kendall Jenner (25), the younger and famous model sister of Kim Kardashian (40). Is he her secret brother?

no! The man is a performance artist and also knows Photoshop quite well. And: He has an insane passion for the beautiful Kendall.

Even though he pretends to be an amateur model and dialy twin of Kendall Jenner on his Instagram page, he doesn’t really belong to the Kardashian clan. Even if he would like to.

But the photos he uploads as proof of his alleged family affiliation are all the more funny.

Because that’s where he has fun: he proudly piggybacks Kendall, wears the same wigs as her, confidently cheats his way into a family photo or takes fashion shots with his “twin sister”.

Does Kendall even know the man? “Yes,” Jenner said in an “E!” Interview. “I discovered him on Instagram and I think he’s fantastic.”

Kirby’s latest coup: He wants to be the first of the Kardashian clan to fly into space.

“I want to officially announce that I will live my dreams by being the first Jenner in space,” Kirby Jenner writes about his last Instagram post, on which he can of course be seen again with Kendall. “Or maybe the 2nd as Kendall is coming with me. This is enormous for both our family and the world. I’m ready.”

Have a good flight into the fantasy universe!

Kirby Jenner’s Totally Crazy Twin Show

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