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“They Want Me Dead” with Angelina Jolie and more

As an elite firefighter, Angelina Jolie has to protect a child from two professional killers. “They Want Me Dead” isn’t the only streaming highlight of the week.

After most recently appearing in front of the camera as the dark fairy “Maleficent”, Angelina Jolie is now back with a good portion of action: In the thriller “They Want Me Dead” she fights as a so-called “fire jumper” against a killer squad that hunts down a little boy, a forest fire and demons from the past. The film was supposed to be shown in cinemas on May 13, but due to the corona pandemic, Jolie’s latest masterpiece will now start on Sky Ticket from June 3 instead. What else Netflix, AppleTV+ and Co have to offer in the next few days, you will find out in the overview.

“They Want Me Dead” (Sky Ticket)

In the action thriller “They Want Me Dead”, Angelina Jolie embarks on a wild chase through Montana. The Oscar winner stands in front of the camera as a traumatized “smoke jumper” (an elite firefighter) who wants to make peace with her past in the wilderness – until a child runs into her arms, whose father was murdered by professional killers. The deadly duo, played by Aidan Gillen (“Game of Thrones”) and Nicholas Hoult (“Mad Max: Fury Road”), will stop at nothing and even set a forest fire.


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The actor Taylor Sheridan, known from “Sons of Anarchy”, who wrote and directed the screenplay, made his directorial debut in 2017 with the neo-western “Wind River” (with Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen). His latest prank is not only worth seeing because Angelina Jolie does her usual brilliant job as a courageous firefighter, but also because the explosive film manages to captivate its audience from the very first second. “They Want Me Dead” can be seen from 3 June on Sky Ticket.

Lisey’s Story (Apple TV+)

Stephen King is indisputably the grandmaster of horror. Now another novel by the author is being adapted as a series: “Lisey’s Story”. In the Apple series, Julianne Moore makes all sorts of scary experiences as a widow. At the center of the psychological thriller is Lisey (Moore), who experiences eerie experiences two years after the death of her husband. Frightening messages from a parallel world and fearful dreams let Lisey come up with memories of her husband Scott (Clive Owen), which she had not repressed without reason. Soon the question arises for Lisey: What is reality and what is imagination?

“Lisey’s Story” is certainly not for delicate viewers. This is also due to the fact that the scripts of all eight episodes of the terrifying story were written by Stephen King himself. Goosebumps are guaranteed! The episodes of the gripping horror series will be released weekly on AppleTV+ starting June 4.

“Domina” (Sky Ticket)

From “Spartacus” to “Barbarians” to “Britannia” – the history of the Roman Empire has already provided spectacular series entertainment in many a production. Now Sky is also sending a production into the race. “Domina” is dedicated to Livia, one of the most powerful rulers in the history of Rome. The eight-part history series tells of her rise from naïve girl to influential regent. Conspiracies, intrigues and murder – Livia (Kasia Smutniak) and her followers are right by any means after the death of Julius Caesar on the way to power.

The breathtaking scenery should not only transport history-loving spectators directly to ancient Rome. But not only visually “Domina” convinces all the way, also the cast can be seen. In addition to lead actress Smutniak, the top-class cast also includes “Game of Thrones” star Liam Cunningham, Isabelle Rosselini and Matthew McNulty (“Versailles”). The epic family saga launches on Sky on June 3.

“Sweet Tooth” (Netflix)

In the new Netflix series “Sweet Tooth”, nothing on Earth is as it once was. After a mysterious incident, “The Big Crumble,” babies were born who are half human and half animal. One of them is Gus (Christian Convery), the hero of the DC series based on the comics of Jeff Lemire. For ten years he grew up secluded in a home in the forest until he becomes curious about his origins. Together with his companion Jepperd (Nonso Anonzie) he starts an adventurous journey.

The adaptation of the samewell-known graphic novel is a bit more harmless than the dark original and is therefore perfect for a series experience with the whole family. Breathtaking landscapes (after all, the show was filmed in beautiful New Zealand), lovable characters and an exciting journey make “Sweet Tooth” a feel-good highlight. The coming-of-age story, produced by Robert Downey Jr. among others, will be available on Netflix on June 4.

“Intelligence” (Sky Ticket)

The us agent Jerry Bernstein (“Friends” star David Schwimmer), who is a bit too convinced of himself, is anything but a team player. But in order to protect Britain from dangers from the Internet, the agent has to team up with his colleagues around Joseph (Nick Mohammed). In his hilarious role as a cyber security expert, Schwimmer shines as the incarnate nightmare of his colleagues, for example when he repeatedly gives unsolicited motivational speeches or sprays plants with glue to prevent them from withering.

With “Intelligence” no eye remains dry: The wacky office routine in the security office does not leave out any gag and becomes a real laugh firework thanks to David Schwimmer’s funny portrayal. The British-American culture clash comedy can be seen on Sky Ticket from 1 June.

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