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Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello adopt dog Tarzan

After spending the Corona pandemic together, Camila and Shawn bought a pet together and proudly presented their dog Tarzan.


What lasts a long time …
In July 2014, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes met during a concert tour by colleague Austin Mahone. In an interview with Variety, the former Fifth Harmony member recalled the time and confessed: “When we were on tour together, I never saw him. He went to his tour bus and practiced guitar, then went on stage and went back and practiced guitar. He’s the most dedicated and motivated person I know.”

They didn’t really have much contact, but wrote each other funny Twitter messages and they became good friends.

In the following years, both had been photographed together again and again, posted joint videos of cover versions of internationally recognized hits and still went their separate ways. While Shawn Mendes liked to keep his relationship status to herself, Camila Cabello jetted around the globe with Matthew Hussey before being cheated on by the latter love guru. Both musicians finally collaborated for the number one single “Señorita”, in which they virtually confirmed their relationship and dropped a sexy music video in which they had become closer in front of the camera:

Common dog
In August 2019, Camila and Shawn dropped the bombshell at the end and confessed that they were a couple. In the months that followed, cute selfie videos and pictures of both superstars were uploaded to the net before the coronavirus moved everyone around the world to isolation. And it was precisely this time that the two pretty artists spent together.

But Cabello and Mendes have not been together for a long time: Via Instagram, the “Señorita” artists presented their joint puppy and delighted their fans with those photos and videos:

Tarzan is the name of the eight-week-old Golden Retriever, who now has a new home and various four-legged friends. Whether they will perform the little one in the LA district of Hollywood Hills, in Miami or in Toronto, Canada, supporters can already look forward to more funny clips. Already in the past, the couple had difficulty walking with all the other dogs and looked like this:

Will Tarzan bring some order to the lives of Shawn and Camila?!

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