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Wrapped in fur: The Lamborghini Urus by Kim Kardashian

US model Kim Kardashian has a rather unusual Lamborghini. With a view to the holistic coat reference probably also a rather impractical one.

Phew – where to start? So let’s be factual: US model and reality TV starlet Kim Kardashian likes to revel in luxury. The (soon-to-be ex-) wife of musician Kanye West also has corresponding demands on her fleet. At first glance, it is hardly a surprise that a Lamborghini Urus can be found there. At second glance, the surprise is all the greater, because the performance SUV is wrapped in fur. Completely.

If you now sense a clever and attention-grabbing PR measure behind it, then your nose does not deceive you at all. The “Lambo fur” is made of a material from which the latest fashion line of Mrs. Kardashian is made. This is about cozy cuddly underwear, which she also wears on the associated photos of her Instagram channel. By the way, we have already “slipped in” a car ourselves and probably much cheaper – but this information is only marginal.

Aliexpress China Tuning on the BMW 5 Series e39 2019

Arturo Rivas

What the Kardashian can do, we have been able to do for a long time – as this chic modified BMW E39 proves in the test of cheap tuning parts from China.

Let’s call it “gentle reference”

Judging by the fact that even the rims are covered with the fabric, the car is unlikely to cause a stir as a road user. If it does, the white vest will turn into a sooty coat pretty quickly. Or turn the entire car into a torch. Because not only the fact that all ventilation openings are now hidden behind white plush, but also the proximity of the extravagant shell to the exhaust system is likely to be dicey even on short trips. By the way, it is also easy to imagine that interior fur and make-up do not get along really well – but here we can only guess.

Kim Kardashian Lamborghini Urus Fur Cover White

Kim Kardashian / Instagram

The following scenario: Coffee cup in hand, emergency braking, coffee mug no longer in your hand – you can follow us?

Either the Italo SUV with the photos on the social media platform has already fulfilled its purpose and is now parked as a dust collector in the Kardashian garage, or there is a dismantling. Of course, this is not necessary for the interior, where the white fur can certainly remain. If the aesthetic comb swells at this thought, then you just see it this way: A more holistic gentle cover can hardly be imagined and it certainly effectively prevents traces of use, which in the end benefits the resale value. However, if you are not yet sure whether such a Urus would be the right car for you at all, you will find more information about the sports SUV in the photo show – without plush, promised.


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In the end, getting a car with fur can be nothing more than an advertising gag. But still imagine the face of the TÜV inspector during the individual acceptance when you roll into the yard with such a part.

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