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Kylie Jenner: It’s all transparent! THIS dress has real POblem

Kylie Jenner is once again quite colorful with her fans on the net. The model has thrown herself into a dress that allows incredible insights. You can’t say it any other way: THIS outfit has a POblem.

Kylie Jenner lets you look deeply.
Photo: dpa

With the Kardashian/Jenner clan, it’s sometimes really hard to keep an overview and, above all, a clear view. A model, influencer and reality TV star is lucky Kylie Jenner (23) since now Schützenhilfe. The half-sister of reality superstar Kim Kardashian provides her fans on the net (currently 246 million subscribers on Instagram) with the right insights. Transparency is very important here. By the way, this is not only to be understood in a figurative sense, as the Instagram post below clearly shows.

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Kylie Jenner shows thong in a transparent dress: The butt is completely exposed

Because on this Kylie Jenner shows her fans on the net a very special part from her wardrobe. Ironically, in the pelvic and buttocks area, the dress scores with plenty of transparent spots. A rogue who thinks evil. Conversely, of course, this means: Kylie Jenner exposes her most valuable on Instagram almost completely. The mini-thong, which can still be guessed under the transparent piece of fabric, is hardly of any importance.

Kylie Jenner flashes popo – fans freak out completely

Kylie Jenner proves once again how satisfied she seems to be with her curved body. With so much openness, their fans should also be blissful. This can be seen, for example, in the endless comments under the Instagram post and the associated likes. Kylie Jenner gets over 5.5 million “likes” for the pictures after just a few hours. One or the other fan was probably quite impressed by the offered perspective…

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