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Angelina Jolie: “That was extremely hard!”

She is an all-rounder and bursting with self-confidence! Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is not only one of the most beautiful women in the world – she has also proven in the past how much strength, courage and talent she has. As a successful actress, director, producer and screenwriter, Brad Pitt’s ex-wife has long since made a name for herself in the Hollywood Olympus. The latest project of the 45-year-old mother of six: The goosebumps thriller “They Want Me Dead” (available on Sky Ticket and Sky Q as well as via Sky Cinema).

Angelina Jolie as fire jumper in “They Want Me Dead”

In it, the 45-year-old plays the fire jumper “Hannah”, who tries with all her strength and without regard for losses to protect a little boy named “Connor” from two murderers. In an exclusive interview with “TVMovie Online”, Angelina Jolie revealed how it felt to be in front of the camera in the middle of a burning forest.

“It definitely felt like a real wilderness. Our team created real fire and recreated a forest that could be completely burned down. It was a really impressive set. It was a crazy feeling to be awake in the middle of the night and set things on fire and then run through them. It was fall crazy – in a great way!” says the Mimin. “It was also great to see how our director Taylor Sheridan had everything under control. He was in absolute control and managed the set wonderfully. He even taught me how to chop wood and make fire on the side!”

Angelina Jolie: Show of strength on the set of “They Want Me Dead”

As a fire jumper, Angelina Jolie, who is known for her action role in “Tomb Raider”, had to show real physical commitment. In preparation, she met with real fire jumpers. Angelina Jolie enthuses: “They are just admirable. It’s a great service they provide. I’ve jumped out of a plane in the past – but to do the same with all the equipment and uniform? The weight and heat generated by the fire is a completely different caliber! Luckily, we did it in the film in such a way that I only jumped out of a plane that was on the ground. But that alone was extremely hard! I had to be extremely careful not to just fall out the door and be overwhelmed by the weight.”

The equipment makes it hard to see anything – let alone move. “The heat was at least as problematic. That’s why we had a rule on set: If it gets too hot, we had to move away from the fire and keep walking. The power of fire should not be underestimated! And I think we’re going to need some brave firefighters and firefighters because of climate change – all over the world.”

Not only Angelina Jolie proved her incomparable acting talent in “They Want Me Dead”. Colleague Finn Little, who plays the role of little “Connor”, also caused enthusiasm. The 45-year-old proudly added: “Working with children is the greatest gift. They are always open and curious. Finn was so talented! He is not only brave, but also extremely strong and funny. We had a lot of fun together and were even on weekends together with his mother and my children. That was a great time. It helped both of us a lot during filming to have our family with us.”

by Rachel Kasuch

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