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Shawn Mendes: His father has already accepted Camila Cabello as his daughter-in-law!

Yes, Shawn Mendes (22) and Camila Cabello (23) are still floating in love on cloud nine. Since the couple publicly confirmed their relationship in the summer of 2019, we can always look forward to selected snapshots of the turtle doves. Nevertheless, both are rather sparing with information about their relationship – until now. Because a joint music video for the song “The Christmas Song” suddenly gives romantic insights into their relationship. And then there’s a statement from Shawn himself that makes our hearts beat faster!

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello sing a Christmas carol together

While the Canadian singer Shawn Mendes stirs the advertising drum for his album “Wonder”, which was released on December 4th, he surprises us with an unexpected song. Just one day later, Shawn and Camila announced that they had recorded “The Christmas Song” together. Shortly thereafter, the release of the music video followed – and that reveals some intimate moments of their relationship.

This is how Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello present themselves in love

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello recorded the music video of their new song themselves. The video consists of many shots that show the couple together. Her little dog Tarzan, who has only recently become a part of her life, also has appearances in the video. Sometimes Camila and Shawn sit around the campfire, sometimes they show up in festive Christmas sweaters. Even a few kisses and a little dance can be seen, followed by tender cuddles with Tarzan. The love that Shawn and Camila exude also seems to have arrived in Shawn’s own family.

Shawn Mendes’ dad calls Camila his daughter-in-law

As Shawn Mendes reveals in an interview on the “Zack Sang Show”, his father does not seem to be averse to the idea that the singer could marry Camila one day: “My father never really means such things seriously, but he always annoys me and asks: ‘How is my daughter-in-law doing?'” Shawn is certainly inspired by this support, but there is still time for an application.

It’s no secret that Camila’s family is also taken with Shawn. In March, the couple spent a lot of time with Camila’s dad. With the turtle doves, the chemistry is simply right. Shawn Mendes raves, “I think when you’ve found your soulmate, you feel it and know you’ve found him.”

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