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Because of nagging fans: Cardi B deactivates Twitter account

Cardi B (28) pulls the ripcord! Actually, the musician is known as an extravagant rapper. Their recent project, however, had nothing to do with music. Instead, the artist brought a doll of herself to the market – much to the displeasure of her fans. They would have preferred to listen to new songs again and did not hold back with their displeasure. That was obviously too much for Cardi B – she deactivated her Twitter account without further ado!

After the headwind and the demands of her fans to finally release new music, the 28-year-old made her anger in a Instagram-Livestream air. “I have so much pressure. I work on so much to please people”, she confessed in it. In order to do justice to her fans, she is working under high pressure on new songs. At the same time, however, she also wants to concentrate on other projects. “How else am I supposed to get rich? How else am I supposed to increase my capital?” she justified herself. As a consequence of the constant pressure from her fans, she even deactivated her Twitter account.

The Twitter absence, however, was short-lived. In the meantime, Cardi B returned to the platform – and even surprised their fans with new music! In a six-second video, the excerpt of a presumably new song of the rapper can be heard.

Cardi B, 2021
Cardi B, musician
Cardi B at a gig in January 2020

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