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Huge Fortnite leak hints at Ariana Grande concert and more •

A look into the future.

A new, huge Fortnite leak is making the rounds these days and apparently tells us more about upcoming events, crossovers and the story.

The information was originally shared with the moderators of the subreddit “Fortniteleaks” on Reddit and allegedly came from a person with detailed knowledge of Epic Games’ future plans. In the past, said person has already provided some accurate details about various seasons.

The latest leak includes details that could apply not only to this year, but also to the next one – and the latest Fortnite patch v17.20 already seems to contain some hints.

Accordingly, Epic is planning an in-game concert with singer Ariana Grande, similar to the successful performance of Travis Scott last year. Apparently, this is currently being tested, suggesting that it won’t take too long anymore.

Fortnite leaks are not uncommon.

Court documents from the legal dispute between Epic and Apple already revealed in 2020 that Epic had planned concerts with Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga for 2020, but this obviously did not happen last year. But other things, such as the new Lebron James skin, were also planned for 2020 and came later.

As for more crossovers, there’s talk of Justice League and Suicide Squad characters, which would fit in with director James Gunn’s upcoming film. Epic is also in talks to secure the Naruto license for the next Battle Pass. A crossover with the Netflix series Stranger Things is also planned, dataminers have already found a few clues.

Story spoilers, however, suggest that Epic plans to turn the map completely upside down again at the end of Chapter 2, as was the case at the end of Chapter 1. If you want more details, you should follow the first link above.

Fortnite leaks are not uncommon, but on such a scale as here, they happen rather rarely.

Meanwhile, the comic crossover with Fortnite and Batman will continue in the future.

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