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Francesca Farago: Crazy lingerie show drives Bella Thorne crazy

Already recently there has been a lot of speculation about the relationship between Bella Thorne and Francesca Farago. Now they are fueling the rumors again. At a lingerie show of the Netflix star, actress Bella could not hold back.

Francesca Farago lets you look deep again.
Image: Netflix

What else do you want to do in THIS heat than pose for the latest products from a lingerie label? How, you haven’t received a heat wave at all? Then you’re definitely not near Netflix star Francesca Farago! The “Too Hot To Handle” beauty can’t believe how warm it can be in November on one of her latest Instagram posts. The native Canadian speaks of 35 degrees on the net.

Francesca Farago: This underwear makes it even hotter

Of course, we are talking about the outside temperature and not about a highly heated living room. Francesca Farago has set up her workplace on the furniture of a terrace and treats her fans to several views of her luxury body on the net. As a walking billboard, THTH-Frankie currently presents plenty of concise and extremely transparent underwear. Maybe it will be one or two degrees hotter than it already is. You know the corresponding song…

Francesca Farago in transparent lingerie: Bella Thorne freaks out with enthusiasm

One who can’t hold back, at least with Instagram comments, is actress Bella Thorne. The 23-year-old has recently appeared conspicuously often together with Francesca Farago, as one or the other affair rumors have already been spread. Even under the current lingerie post, Bella can’t resist a heated comment: “Wow r u fucking kidding me”, the scandal noodle promptly escapes. And then she explains that the underwear is not worth covering the bodies. Was that an invitation to undress?

Come home: New rumors of affairs at Bella Thorne and Francesca Farago

Even more noteworthy, however, is Francesca’s answer to the storm of enthusiasm: Bella should please come home, writes Frankie. home? Is there more going on than you initially wanted to assume or is this just well-done marketing?

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All Instagram pictures of Francesca Farago can be seen here at this point.

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